Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Currently #Basic | October 2017

It's October which means it's officially 2 things: Fall and Birthday Season. Both of which are my favorite times of the year. Birthday Season for us includes James's and Connor's birthdays later this month and mine the first of November. Those special days plus all things Fall leave me being on very #basic girl this time of year! Here's what currently going on with us this month...

Styling -- my current closest to make the most of what I have. I have more than enough clothes, there's no doubt but I'm trying to really work what I have so that I don't have to buy clothes only to replace them when I lose a bit more weight. I'm comfortably in a size M and my jeans and bottoms have enough room for me to a lose a bit before needed to replace them. Ideally I would love to not have to buy anything new till the Spring. Is that even possible?

Saving -- gifts for Christmas that I've scored at amazing prices from We Heart Deals on Facebook. Many of you will recognize the admin from the group, Lizzie. I love the deals she shares on her page, especially those found on Amazon. Hello free 2 day shipping. I've got a great pile of present hid and plan to start wrapping them soon, making a list of who I've gotten gifts for and what is still needed. I would love to wrap up the bulk of Christmas shopping by early December.

Searching -- for the perfect outfits for our family photos. We have them scheduled for October 14th and while I would love to add a bit of color and pattern, I've been struggling with finding the perfect color. Mustard yellow was my first pick but that's been hard to shop for this season. I am half tempted to stick with black so that we can really focus on us and not busy clothes or bright colors. We will get it sorted out and I can't wait to get photos taken and share them. Our photographer is amazing!

Picking -- Connor's brain for birthday gift ideas. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he quickly said "people already now what I want". He thinks people just know. What he doesn't get is that Mommy is hard at work answering questions about what he would like. He has said time and time again "Last year for my birthday, I didn't tell anyone what I wanted for my birthday but everyone got me exactly what I wanted." Life is funny like that, C. Where's the credit I deserve?

Making -- holiday plans with family and friends! It's almost that time of year and I like to have things in place so that I know we will get to see and do all we want during the busiest time of year for many. We have plans to travel to Columbus for Christmas with friends, I want to take C to the Zoo to see lights this winter and most importantly, I want to really take advantage of the cool Fall weather before the winter freeze comes along. 

And because I did title this post "Currently #Basic" I wanted to share my answers to this month's TBB Asks. It's 100% Fall theme and makes me wish it was more Fall-like here this week. Go away 80's and shorts weather. I want jeans, scarves and booties! 

1. Favorite Fall Sweet Treat? Anything and everything pumpkin. I am a totally freak for all things pumpkin spice.

2. Red, Yellow or Green Apples? Red apples only.

3. Favorite Fall Sport to Play? Soccer to play, football to watch.

4. Best Drink for Fall? PSL but not this year thanks to all the points it sucks up. So.. maybe just something warm with a hint of caramel.

5. Favorite Fall Activity? Hikes with my guys.

6. Must have Fall Purchase? I don't think anything is a must have. But something I'd like to treat myself to is a new pair of black riding boots.

7. Pumpkins: Pick your own or store bought? Pick your own. I love finding the perfect pumpkin to carve.

8. Real or Fake Pumpkin? Both are okay with me when decorating. Depending on the weather fake pumpkins tend to last longer outside.

9. Favorite Halloween Costume? Connor's Jake Halloween was awfully adorable. I just love the hair he got to rock.

10. College Football or NFL? Both -- Ohio State Buckeyes and Cincinnati Bengals. And yes I know Cinci is 0-3. Welcome to being a Bengals fan.

11. Fall or Halloween Decor? Give me all the decor. Our home is currently decked out in a combination of Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

12. Raking Leaves or no Leaves to Rake? We have ZERO leaves to rake which is pretty nice if you ask me.

13. Favorite Soup? All of them! I am huge fan of soups and stews. My current obsession is this one: TURKEY TACO CHILI

14. Favorite Fall Candle scent? Bath and Body's Pumpkin Pecan Waffle. Holy amazing!

15. Love or Hate Pumpkin Spice? Love. All the live long day.

16. Short Booties or Tall boots? Both! My new tan ones will be worn every chance I get this Fall.

17. Favorite Halloween Candy? I don't have one but will share that I am not a huge fan of candy corn.

18. PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte): YES or NO? Yes but only when I'm being brave and want to use all my SmartPoints.

19. Hayride or Corn Maze? Both. Give me all the fun that comes with Fall festivals and such. But I don't do anything haunted or scary. No way.

20. Favorite Fall TV Show? I am loving This is Us of course. Will & Grace was hilarious last week. I am excited for Scandal to come back on. I can't forget The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Clearly I watch only the best ;)

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