Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Books, Crafts, Printables & Recipes -- All Things Fall!

It's officially the first week of October which means it's all things Fall in our home. Bring on pumpkin everything with a dose of Halloween and a helping of seasonal fun and adventures. Each season or holiday I gather up themed books to read to Connor. We have a pretty amazing kids library in our hometown, providing us with plenty of books to read (over and over again). This month we are all about pumpkins and Halloween and you can tell by our bookshelf, it's overflowing with Fall. Here is what we are reading...

Each and every one of these books have been read over and over again since we picked them out. I often opt to pick up 10-15 books each library visit so Connor has a selection to choose from. His favorite this round was Curious George Goes to a Costume Party, Pumpkin Heads!, The Perky Little Pumpkin: A Halloween Story and The Bumpy Little Pumpkin. 

This is always a busy month for our family. Between birthdays, Fall fun and Halloween, we are often on the go each and every weekend. If you are looking for fun ways to enjoy Autumn here are the top 5 most popular Fall recipes and craft posts from Wife Mommy Me. 



Cool weather has arrived and we've been outside every chance we get. It's been such a fun year with Connor. He has grown so much and is able to go, do and explore like never before. I am fairly certain 4 1/2, almost 5 has been the best age yet. But then again I say that about every season it seems. 

Happy October -- and of course... Hello Birthday Month!

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