Friday, September 22, 2017

September's Joys {Volume 2}

Happy Friday, friends! What a fantastic week we've had here in the Buckeye State. The Summer is holding on tight and we soaked up every last second of it. Before long it will be dark and chilly at 5, cold and snowy soon after. We made the most of it this week and that brings so much joy to this Momma's heart.

The 4th Friday of each month Beth, Crystal, Jess and I encourage you to share with us the things that are currently bringing you joy. If it makes you happy, brightens your day or simply puts a smile on your face, if it's caused you joy and we want to hear about it. Here is what's currently bringing me joy...

Our family has had so much fun lately. Being with these two, taking on one adventure after another, laughing, smiling, making memories and messes has been such a blessing for me. Connor has turned a corner sleep wise so our family is more rested than ever before, leaving us with the energy and desire to do more. It's hard to function let alone thrive when you haven't slept in 4 years! We had a fantastic Summer 2017 and I am excited to see what the final months of this year have in store for us. 

I will read pretty much anything you send my way. But this book? It was like it was written for me. While I love the current season we are in as parents, I know that the good seasons don't last forever. Many of my friendships are doing well, with only a few that are in strange stages of change but Hatmaker's "Of Mess and Moxie"* is the perfect book to remind us that not all pain lasts forever. That healing happens and that you an move forward in life with joy and splendor. 

I realize we are only at week 3 of school but Connor J is LOVING every single minute thus far. He is so excited to go each morning, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are his favorite since he gets to see 2 of his friends those days. He is already learning so much and I am beyond pumped to see how much he grows this school year. 

I shared my 10 Days of Dresstember with you all last month and have been enjoying challenging myself to wear dresses, shirts and maxis more. It's been such a fun way to expand my "look". Being able to pick anything from my closest and know it fits isn't so bad either. Some ladies have joined in the challenge and I love seeing what everyone is putting together. The challenge ends in 8 days and I just may outdo myself and aim to wear a "dresstember" outfit more than 10 times! 

Today just so happens to be the first day of Fall and while the weather is screaming Summer, in our home we are 100% in the Fall mood. We've decorated, we've enjoyed a pumpkin recipe or two and I even gave a friend a Fall themed gift basket for her birthday. I love this time of year. Now, if Mother Nature would get the hint and cool it down a bit, I would really be excited. 

Our weekend is a pretty low-key one. Our last one till the November! My Mom is coming to visit and spend the night and the guys and I have a movie date planned. Pretty perfect if you ask me!

What's bringing you joy? Share your joys with us. And thank you to Sarah and Heather for co-hosting with us this month! I'd love for you to share with me something that's made you smile in the comments below.
Happy Friday Friends!

*I received our book for free from BookLook Bloggers. However our love of reading and sharing new books with you is all our own. #bookworms unite!

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