Friday, September 1, 2017

Hip Hip Hooray! Connor Started Pre-K!

On Tuesday Connor started Pre-K and his last year at GUMC. He loves school and was thrilled to be back in the classroom. It's comforting to see him tackle such big milestones with ease. It truly makes dropping him off each morning, especially the first, go so smoothly.

Connor has been asking about school since mid-Summer. Our break was over 3 months long and while this was one of the best Summers ever for our family, Connor was eager to be with friends again. His first day of school went great and when James asked how his day went he said "It was a 10!".

Connor J -- Preschool 2017-2018
Age: 4 1/2
Weight: 42 pounds
Height: 41 1/2 inches
I love to: swim, play Legos and hug my Dad
Favorite Color: pink and red
Best friend: Myles
Favorite Food: Spaghetti and meatballs
Favorite Summer Memory: Going swimming
My teacher is: Ms. Roxy and Ms. Sarah
I want to be a: A teacher "to little kids"
Favorite book: Pete the Cat

After school Connor was full of answers when James and I asked him about his day. This is a huge improvement from last year. Not only did he say he had a great first day but he shared that he had banana bread for his snack ("I really liked it!"), used the potty by himself twice and he said that he learned about Adam and Eve for his Bible story. Color us impressed with his desire to share his day!

All in all it's been a good week for our trio. School is still fun for Connor so he is eager to go! I can't say that will be the case come junior high or high school. CJ will be going 5 days a week this year and seems to really be enjoying the change of pace (i.e. getting dressed and out of the house by 9AM). We still have some adjustments to get used to, this is a lot of school for him but I know he will love class once he gets the hang of his new schedule. 

I am excited to watch him grow this year. To explore, to learn, to figure out who he is!

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