Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Focusing on Non Scale Victories

For 30 straight Wednesdays I've stood on a scale and held myself accountable for the previous week's eating habits. I've had 22 loses, 2 weeks when the scale hasn't moved a single ounce and 6 gains. Each Wednesday I go through this mental battle of second guessing the good and bad decisions I've made the last 7 days. I can honestly say I don't make many bad choices, hence the 22 loses. But with birthday season headed our way followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas, I've been centering my thoughts on non-scale victories (NSV).


Smaller Clothing
This is a given, right? But I've gone from a size XL to a size M and down 6-8 pant sizes. THIS IS HUGE for me! I've been holding on to my perfectly wearable jeans in hopes of one day fitting into them again. And I have! Easily. I've been selling my too big clothing on Poshmark and treating myself to new clothing in a smaller size. This is one of the better side effects of weight loss. 

More Energy
Thanks to eating less processed foods and more fruits and veggies my energy level is through the roof. Yes, I still get tired because #momlife but I no longer feel sluggish in the morning. Connor is up between 7-7:30 every morning so on our sleep in days, we are often woken up by him. I no longer drag myself out of bed. Not only do I have more energy but I also sleep better. 

I am a people person with no lack of social skills. But there was a point in my life that I felt uncomfortable in my skin. I never felt judged for my weight but I did feel uncomfortable as I compared myself to others and that's something I no longer do. Of course this is a perk of being healthier but more than anything, I no longer see the point in the comparison game. We all have our own struggles and journey so I have decided to focus on mine alone. 

No Thanks
Because I am focusing on Weight Watchers being a lifestyle and not a diet, I've been able to resist the constant want to grab junk food. Processed foods costs me far too many points. I get 30SP a day so it's important that I use them wisely. Saying no to foods that are deemed "junk" has been something I struggled with in the past. That's not the case any longer. I now can balance healthy foods and drinks with the occasional splurge. 

Positive Attitude
Overall I am a fairly optimistic person but in the last 8 months I have I notice a total change in my outlook. I no longer find myself dreading certain events and activities, I am more upbeat and happy. I know that the number on the scale isn't the "all knowing". Seeing myself in a positive light with a more cheerful mentality helps me battle through moments of weakness or weeks when I don't see a loss. 

With all this in mind, I want to share something that I often tell myself... 
I don't have to do without. I just need to find new ways to enjoy things I love. I indulge. I balance the good foods with a solid dose of sweet and yummy. I am focusing on a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. I am human. I will make mistakes. But I'll start each day new with more determination than the day before. I'll take it one day at a time and be accountable for all my actions. I continue to believe in myself. 

September has been a successful weight loss month for me. I am eager to tackle the last quarter of 2017. I could potentially loss close to 55 pounds if I continue to lose 5 pounds per month. While this would be one heck of an accomplishment my real goal is to simply enjoy the holidays and focus on staying true to the program to the best of my ability. I also keep focusing on my before and currently photo for even more of a push to stay the path -- what a difference!

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