Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fall Family Fun List

With the first day of Fall behind us (Friday!), you all knew my Fall bucket list was sure to popping up soon! I've been referring to bucket lists as family fun lists since Summer and plan to do the same this Fall. We had a ton of luck completely nearly everything on our list last season so I'm hoping the luck is still on our side this season. Here is a look at what our family plans to enjoy during Fall 2017.

1. Pick and paint pumpkins
2. Have a OSU game day
3. Take a road trip
4. Discover a new hiking path
5. Have a holiday party with friend
6. Tackle a corn maze
7. Go to a Fall festival
8. Eat pumpkin flavored ice cream
9. Celebrate James's 40th Birthday
10. Visit Young's Dairy Farm
11. Have friends over for a play date
12. Have dinner outside
13. Attend a concert
14. Watch a football game live
15. Enjoy a date night in September, October and November
16. Celebrate Connor's 5th Birthday
17. Try a new fall recipe
18. Decorate for Halloween
19. Enjoy family game night
20. Complete a Halloween/Fall craft x3
21. Boo our friends
22. Drink a pumpkin spice coffee
23. Visit Amish Country
24. Go on a scavenger hunt
25. Eat candy corn (CJ's favorite)
26. Decorate for Fall
27. Take family photos
28. Celebrate my birthday
29. Make chili
30. Decorate for Christmas

I am so excited to work on our list of fun over the next 3 months. Fall is my favorite season, mostly because I get to experience a handful of my favorite things: birthdays, Thanksgiving, pumpkins, decorating in orange and earth tones and finally, usher in the Christmas season.

What are you looking forward to doing this Fall with your family?
I would love for you to share your plans with me! 

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