Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Counting Practice & Cupcake Recipe | Apple Inspired

When Jess and I were planning our Fall kids club books I knew we needed to include at least one apple themed book. Apple season may be coming to an end but we've put together a simple craft and recipe to carry all things apple through till it's all things pumpkin.

This month's book was picked with Jess's little girl Emmy in mind. I wanted a book that would be a hit with little girls as we often focus on books for our big boys. Annie The Apple Pie Fairy is the cutest book. Annie the Apple Pie Fairy is a TV chef who makes simple, homey pies. One day, her position as the queen of pies is threatened by Sondra the Strudel fairy’s new show. An intense competition starts between Annie and Sondra and sees their fairy audience become obsessed with Sondra’s fancy pies and the gadgets used to make them. But when the mass of new gadgets and pie-making machines causes a huge power outage, what will happen to all the pies and will Annie be able to save the day?

Prep for this craft is simple. I wrote 1-10 on wooden tongue depressors AKA our tree trunks. I then cut out (some very funky looking) trees and added apples. Each tree had 1-10 apples that would then be matched to it's trunk. When CJ got home from school, he opted to have lunch first then work on his trees. He thought it was so fun to use glue instead of a glue stick. #itsthelittlething

When he got to number 5 he was really eager to remind me that he is almost 5 and showed me how big that is with his "entire hand and all my fingers". 40 something days till his big day, which will most likely include him asking how much longer until he is 6.

While Connor had quiet time, I backed a simple muffin recipe. Martha White's Apple Cider Upside-Down Cupcakes are quick and easy to make, not to mention you more than likely have all the ingredient on hand. I followed the recipe with the exception of putting diced apples in the mix. They make the perfect sweet treat without being too overly sugary.

Next month, we will be celebrating all things pumpkin with

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