Friday, September 29, 2017

5 Kid Friendly at Home Date Ideas

Happy Friday! I want to switch things up today and share with you something that's been on my mind. I can't tell you how many times friends have mentioned that they would love to have a date night but they either a) don't want to spend a ton on a sitter and an evening out or b) simply don't have a sitter available and finally c) have a short window of time for date night thanks to bedtime routines and such. We are lucky that CJ will go to bed easily for anyone and we have a fantastic sitter but she isn't always available so I've put together ways that we can have date night AT HOME that includes Connor.


I haven't always been a huge fan of board and card games but since we've been playing more kid appropriate games, game night has been a huge hit and something I look forward to. Connor is getting older and older, allowing us to move from something simple like Go Fish to a game like UNO. Not only are you having enjoying game night but I love that many games allow us to teach CJ along the way.


Our Fall Fun List went live on the blog yesterday and I'm eager to start marking tasks off. I always include items that we can do from home. Have dinner outside, complete a Halloween craft, decorate for Fall, enjoy family game night and make chili are all examples of activities we can do as trio from the comfort of our home.


We love going to the movie theater but that can be expensive and tricky to schedule sometimes. We recently discovered* Pure Flix and it's been such a great resource of kid-friendly movies. Not only can you watch movies and TV series on 5 different devices all at one time, the cost for your monthly membership is less than a new DVD, just $10.99 a month. There are movies for all ages along with more adult options, too. The best party of Pure Flix for us is that we know that no matter what movie/show we go with it, it will be kid-appropriate. You can snag one month free by signing up HERE.


We don't eat out much so from time to time we will splurge on a home delivery meal program. We've tried so many but Chef'd* is our go-to for new meals. We've made 4 new to us meals from their menu options and all are fantastic. I use these meals for our date night in or Sunday dinner. They are usually a bit fancier than your normal dinner (read takes more time to prepare or uses ingredients not usually used during spaghetti night #kidapproved), which allows me to treat my guys to a little more variety for dinner on Saturday or Sunday evening.


This time of year in Ohio can be beautiful, making it my favorite time to be outside. The temperatures in the evening drop the mid-60's making walks around the neighborhood a perfect way to unwind. We will finish dinner and head outside with our favorite scavenger hunt list and just explore. It's really fun to do this when neighbors have decorated their homes for the holidays, giving us even more to see and discover.

Date night doesn't have to be expensive. It doesn't have to include sitters or rushing home to get the kids to bed on time. These ideas and other (just do a quick Google search) will allow you to spend time together as a family doing more with your evenings. It's so easy to just relax and get lost in a TV show or your cell phone. I challenge you to add an "at home" date night to your schedule next month!

Happy weekend, friends!
Disclaimer: I was not compensated or paid to share my review of these brands. The opinions are my own and as always, I would never share something with you if I wasn't a fan!

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