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What I Eat | A Look at My Food Journal

When talking with a friend about my weight loss journey she mentioned that it would neat to see my food journal. I shared my meals at a glance HERE but didn't give details or SmartPoint values. While I know many of my readers aren't on Weight Watchers, I think many would be surprised by how "normal" I eat. So for the sake of those who are curious, here is what I had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 2 days last week.

Before I go into the details of my food journal, I want to share 2 thoughts. First up, I get 30 Smart Points a day with 35 weeklies. These numbers are based on my starting weight, height, age and activity level. They will change once I hit maintenance then lifetime. Additionally, I feel like it needs to be stated that as a SAHM I do have the luxury of cooking all my meals. For those of you who need ideas for meals on the go or ones that would be good for the office, I would recommend you look on Pinterest for ideas.


#1 2 Eggland's Best eggs (3SP) mixed with 1/4 cup of egg whites (0SP) and 1 slice of Kraft Skim Milk sliced cheese (0SP), Johnsville turkey sausage (3SP), apple (0SP) and ketchup. I don't count ketchup although it does contain points. I use it so rarely and not a lot so I just overlook it in my daily allowence. 

#2 Dinner leftovers are a saving grace for me on busy days. 4 oz of chicken (3SP), mixed veggies (0SP) cooked in olive oil (1SP).

#3 Snacks are always random and based on the number of points I have left for dinner. SmartPop! popcorn (3SP) with a Diet Coke (0SP)

#4 Taco Tuesday is always some form of tacos. This evening we had chicken nachos. 4 oz of shredded chicken with salsa (3SP), 28 grams (I weight almost every single food) of Tosito's chips (4SP), 1/4 cup of mozzerella cheese (2SP) and 2 tablespoons of sliced olives (1SP).

Not pictured was a snack I had in the morning when running errands. I forgot to snap a photo. I love the BelVita Breakfast biscuits (8SP). They are high in points but are perfect for snacking on the go. 

Total for the day 29 out of 30 SmartPoints
#1 WW oatmeal (3SP) paired with a banana (0SP). I actually like this oatmeal and it keeps me full. I am not a fan of using a ton of points for breakfast so this is one meal that's on rotation often.

#2 I can't live without coffee #dramaqueen so I love that I can make it at home, save myself a lot of points but get plenty of protein as well. Starbucks unsweetened coffee (0SP) with 11 ounces of Premier Protein (2SP). My Premier Protein flavors are caramel and vanilla. I am going to look for sugar free peppermint syrup and mix it with their chocolate shake in hopes of making a mock peppermint mocha this Winter.

#3 Lunch time! I love that I can still have pizza. Flatout Healthy Grain Flatbread wrap (2SP) topped with 2 tbsp of olives (1SP), 7 slices of 25% less fat pepperonis (2SP), 1/2 cup of turkey crumbles (1SP), 1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese (2SP), 1/4 cup of pizza sauce (1SP). A 9 point pizza is fantastic point wise. One slice of pepperoni and cheese delivery is usually 7-11 points!

#4 Dinner used a lot of my points and luckily I planned ahead so I didn't go over. 4 oz. of chicken breast, shredded (3SP) with 1 cup of boxed oriental rice (7SP). Rice and most all carbs use a ton of points. Broccoli (0SP) makes this meal a bit more like take-out but easier on the calories/points. Total is 10 SmartPoints.

I was left with 6 SP after dinner and opted for an apple (0SP) and 2 tbsp of peanut butter (6SP). PB is high in fat and sugar so it uses a lot of points but isn't a ton of food per serving. I know consider peanut butter a treat. Who am I?

Total for the day 30 out of 30 SmartPoints

Here are some other random bits about how I work Weight Watchers so it fits my lifestyle.
  • I don't eat out often during the week. Eating out can easily use more weekly points than you think. Cooking at home allows me to control my serving size and what my food is cooked in (oils and sprays can be "hidden" points when dining out).
  • If I do eat out, I usually have a chicken salad with no carbs (so no croutons) and light cheese with the dressing on the side. If possible I get a fat-free dressing. Salads are something I a slowly enjoying; they aren't my favorite. 
  • I weigh everything. I use this scale. It's the best one I've ever used and it's as accurate as it gets. Weighing is so important and allows you to 100% control your portions. 
  • When hunger hits, I do two things: grab a huge glass of water and eat some fruit. I usually go for a banana, grapes or an apple. All are 0SP. But I am mindful of how much I snack on 0SP foods because they still have calories.
  • Speaking of water, I aim to drink about 80-90 ounces of water a day. 
  • Meal prep is so important to staying on track. If I don't plan my meals a week at a time, I at least plan them each morning. If I know dinner is going to be "point heavy" I tend to eat lighter (read less points) during the day. 
  • I use weeklies because I don't do well being hungry. I was hangry before hangry was a word. Hunger Stephanie is the worst type of person. 
I've been on Weight Watchers for almost 7 months. I would never had thought I would last this long. I am not one to like going without or restricting myself but luckily WW allows me to eat like a normal person, I just don't get to eat as much as other nor do I get to splurge daily. For me the bottom line is portion control and moderation. I still have sweets, just less often. I still have my favorite foods, just smaller servings.

My weight loss is now 35 pounds with a goal of losing 48 pounds. I am so close and will continue to work until I reach my goal. Heck, I may even push and dig deeper for even more of a loss!

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