Monday, August 7, 2017

The Lady Behind the Blog

Happy Monday! Today Connor and I are visiting my parents. James is on a work trip out of state so we decided to load up the car and head over the river and through the woods to visit Mammaw and Pappaw. So while you read this, we are more than likely doing one of two things: visiting Amish Country or swimming. Summer road trips are the best, no?

When The Blended Blog shared this month's "TBB Asks" prompts I knew I wanted to join in. For those of you who are new readers or just my loyal gals, here's a bit more about the lady behind the blog.

1. I love the sound of the ocean, (most) lakes gross me out so... that leaves pools. They are my preferred body of water.

2. All 3 - camping, cottage and hotel are all fine with me. Camping can and is fun if you go in with an open mind.

3. Mint chocolate chip. All. Day. Long.

4. T-shirt and shorts 85% of the time with a few pairs of pajamas mixed in. Usually during the winter month.

5. Snapple's Half 'n Half. I've been drinking it more and more and it's the perfect amount of sweet. The best part is... it's ZERO SMART POINTS.

6. Cold. I would much rather be cold than be hot for no reason. I love the Fall and Winter holidays so much that I just take the colder weather as an added perk.

7. You would think being 5' 1" I would like a little help from a heeled shoe but I much prefer flats.

8. Shorts. I feel like skirts would be for date night, church and dressier occasions.

9. Both. I love the feel of the sun on my skin until I start to sweat. Then it's time to move to the shade.

10. All 3! I do a really good job at balancing drinking plenty of water with a teas and soda mixed in. My soda of choice is Diet Coke. My go-to tea is peach or raspberry.

11. Summer fruit: pineapple and summer veggie: zucchini.

12. Sunrises... it's a new day with fresh possibilities.

13. I really love taking walks and hikes. I love moving by body from one place to the next, exploring, soaking in my surroundings.

14. Winery only because I've never been to a brewery. One of my favorite wineries is Valley Vineyards. We have plans to go 2 times this year with friends and I can not wait.

15. Garden but only this one. It's where we were married. It's our place and we visit at least once a week with CJ when the weather is nice.

16. Give me all the music - any venue will do. So far this Summer I've been to 8 concerts: Gary Allan, Chicago, Collective Soul, Alexandra Kay, Naked Karate Girls, Everclear, TNKOTB and Nashville.

17. Grilled corn on the cob is my favorite Summer side dish. But really anything grilled is so good. I'm not a big fan of pork but grilled pork chops are so tasty! 

18. Given the chance, I pick dining outside. Ohio's weather can so bi-polar so any chance we get to dine outdoors we do. 

19. Favorite Summer destination... I don't really have one. We don't go on vacation much in the Summer but if I had the chance, I would love to go to Mackinac Island in MI.

20. Neither. I do like festivals though. But carnivals and theme parks both annoy me with things being so overpriced and food is usually greasy and gross. How snobby do I sound?

21. I don't drink much. Maybe every 4 months or so. But when I did in my early 20's, I liked my drinks at the rocks.

22. Give me any strawberry or cherry flavored treats, especially slushies or Popsicles.

23. Turkey hot dogs with burger every once in a while. I'm not much of a red meat fan but a good burger is something I request every couple of months or so.

Do we have anything in common? Maybe so, maybe not!
Pick a prompt and answer it in the comment section below.
I would love to know more about you! 

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