Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Snail Mail Kindness

Our sweet friend Jess from Secrets of a SAHM has the biggest heart. She is often sharing what her and her family does to spread kindness. Those random acts of kindness has inspired me to start doing the same with Connor.

If there is anything I want Connor to know it's that being kind never goes out of style. It does, however, make you a good person to show kindness to someone else with no desire to have something kind happen to you in return. That's what I love about the random act of kindness (RAK) movement. People from all over are spreading kindness, putting light, laughter and joy into people's every day lives. This is something I want our family to do more of.

With that in mind, we've completed our first act of kindness. This is perfect for your little ones and take next to no time (read thought or energy) to complete. I wanted something that Connor could get excited about. What excites Connor? Snail mail!

One of our Summer fun items was to send snail mail to friends. We tied this into our RAK. Connor was more than excited to create special pieces of art (everything is art to a 4.5 year old) to send to a handful of friends. There were no rules. I told him to draw each friend a photo, we'd add a small token of our love and send it off.

Each friend was sent a colorful note from CJ, a quarter and 3 beads shaped like hearts. Connor loves getting things from the quarter machine at the grocery so he wanted his friends to be able to do the same. When I asked how we could send them a little extra love, he said let's send them hearts. After digging through our craft goodies, we found the hearts pictured.

Connor's friend were so excited to get mail. I know that it's often the littlest things that excite kids most. It warms my heart to see Connor grow closer to each of his preschool friends. Some of them may be going to new schools this Fall but we are determined to keep in touch. One random act of kindness at at time!

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