Thursday, August 24, 2017

My Stitch Fix Keeps

Fashion and style isn't something that is really important in my every day life. Not because I don't think I can be either but because I put the need of comfort and ease over anything else. I am a basic dress kind of girl. I will give myself a bit of credit and say that I do put thought into what I wear and pride myself on being "put" together more times than not. Mostly, I don't wanna look homely. 

Thanks to my weight loss, I decided to treat myself to a Stitch Fix box and purchase. If you haven't heard of or tried Stitch Fix before, it's a styling service. You take a style survey, put in your sizing, and put in notes about what you're looking for and request a fix. The cost of the service is $20 a box which you can apply to your purchase from the box. You can have fixes delivered on a regular basis or request them as needed. You can sign up using my referral link here.

Today I'm going to share with you my 3rd Stitch Fix box. I've had 2 others, both where I kept either a scarf or a pair of earrings as to not waste my $20 style fee. However, today I'm sharing a fix that was so perfect I kept 2 tops and quickly requested a 4th Fix.

Before I start, I want to give anyone who hasn't used Stitch Fix yet a suggestion. When providing your stylist with a note, be sure to be as detailed, even needy, as possible. I mentioned that I wanted tops only. I have plenty of shorts and jeans, but really wanted to add some cute tops to my wardrobe. In this fix, I asked for tops only and was given 4 tops and 1 scarf. 

Thoughts - I loved the feel and fit of this cardigan. The color was perfect for me but I wasn't sold on the idea of keeping a $60+ cardigan in the middle of Summer. This would have been a great item to have in a Fall box and would be something I would get plenty of wear from.
Thoughts - The material of this top was beyond soft. I loved that it was longer in back, making it okay to wear with leggings. The tie front and back cutout was a fun touch. I liked how I could wear a regular bra with this thanks to the wider straps. Is this something I could wear year around? I'm not sure.
Thoughts - This scarf was super lightweight and perfect for Spring and Summer. I don't have many oblong scarves so this one was a contender. With Summer's hottest month right around the corner, I'm not sure how much wear I'll wear it right now. So is it a wasted purchase?
Thoughts - When I first saw this top, I was certain that it was going to be one that I disliked. The patterned was a bit odd for me. Purple cherries? But when I put it on, I loved the fit and it was surprisingly flattering. Could I wear such a busy top often enough to make the price tag worth it?

Thoughts - I instantly loved this color! It reminded me of the elephant scarf I kept from my very first Fix. The sleeves are different than most blouses and that made this one a bit more feminine, which I appreciated. The material is a bit more formal and dressy but I could see myself wearing this top often.

I was really torn on which tops to choose. I knew the scarf was going back, mostly because I have so many already. I decided to go with my gut reaction to eat piece and keep the 2 tops that I loved from box to body. 

Modref | Geana Cupro Keyhole Knit Top
I plan to wear this in the Fall with leggings and a over-sized cardigan. It's long and would cover my bottom. I'm thinking cute Chucks or fun TOMS would make the outfit causal and comfy for running errands or attending a Fall festival. 

Papermoon | Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse
What sold me on this top was the color, I just love this shade of Kelly green. I also liked the tulip sleeve (you can see that more in the last photo). 

Both are perfect for the Summer and can be transitioned into the Fall thanks to layering. I am happy I kept each piece and am only slightly sad I didn't keep the Q&A Dawson Crochet Trim Henley Blouse (aka The Cherry Top).

What do you think of my "keeps"? Do you think I should have kept any of the other items? I have another Stitch Fix heading my way. In this one, I asked for a tops only with pops of color and fun patterns. I'm eager to see what I got!

And in case you missed it, I've issued a dress challenge that kicks off in September. Click HERE for all the details! 

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