Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Monthly Snap Shots {August}

When I discovered Erin from Perfectly Port's blog, I was instantly smitten. Erin is such a positive voice among the blogging world. I love how encouraging she is of others and through her blog posts. One of those posts that I really love is her monthly snap shot posts. She recaps the month via photos and well, we all know Mommas take a lot of photos. I decided to join Erin's link-up and will be sharing month in photos. I'm hoping this frees up some space on my phone as well! Anyone else have that problem?

If there was one thing we did a ton of this Summer it was swim! If my count is correct, we spent 11 days at the pool or about 40 hours! Not a bad way to spend our days, right? Connor loves the water, his swim skills have improved 10 fold and I have to say, swimming wears him out like no other. We spent many afternoons with friends soaking up some sun and swimming till our skin wrinkled. Our favorite pool has closed for the season but we are really eager to spend the Fall/Winter continuing swim lessons.

I know there is someone who is going to be grossed out by this but Connor ate his first ever cheeseburger from McDonald's. He usually orders nuggets but wanted to try a burger this time. I was so impressed with him wanting to try a new to him food. We've been working on this and forgoing his beloved nuggets was huge. I will admit he has only had the one burger but we are still proud of him for trying new foods.

You've been told before of my disdain for dishes. We don't have a dishwasher so dishes are done by hand and it's the one chore I hate the most. But I've gotten into the habit of doing them twice a day and not only does it save me precious evening hours but I find that we have less to wash. I know this doesn't make sense or maybe it does but the bottom line is dishes aren't the Devil any longer. Pictured below is breakfast, lunch and the aftermath of baking muffins. That's a lot of dishes, right?

Since taking Connor's pacifier from him in February 2014 sleep as been something we've struggled with. Not only does he not require a lot of it but the entire process is just painful. That's no longer the case. James found THIS ARTICLE AND IT'S CHANGED OUR LIVES. Connor goes to bed at 8, after getting a bath, reading one story and saying his prayers. We leave the room and check on him every 10 minutes until he is asleep. The most we've had to check on him is 3 times and I think that's pretty good. The 3rd time he has always been a sleep. That means he goes to sleep in less than 30 minutes. Not only is he going to be easily but HE IS SLEEPING ALL NIGHT LONG. Yup. That, too. So our little guy is getting about 11-12 hours a sleep a night. Can you imagine how well-rested we are now? It's truly a Christmas miracle in August.

We are a Lego lovin' family. Connor will play with Legos for hours and it's pretty much the greatest toy ever. We recently discovered THESE CUTE LEGO KITS that gives you the chance to create 3 different "works of art" as CJ calls them. The instructions are perfect for a child Connor's age. I was assigned the job as the "finder" and he was the "putter" - I found the pieces and he would put them together. For those of you little ones that love Legos, get these sets; they are perfect!

Remember when I mentioned buying shoes from Nordstrom? Well here they are! I order my first pair of Converse during the N Sale. I was able to combine the sale price with my N Note and scored these for less than $33. Amazing no? And they are a cool vinyl material, not the typical cloth. I've worn them a handful of time and they need a bit of breaking in but so far? I'm in love.

No matter how much we clean, I feel like our bathroom often smells. Connor is really good about getting business in the toilet so I'm unsure of why I think it stinks. I've cleaned the rugs and shower curtain and still wasn't happy. To solve that problem, I've been diffusing Purification and within 3 days of running my diffuser a complete cycle, the smell is gone. I really need to use my oils for cleaning more than just my kitchen.

What do you call the home decor craze that is made up mostly of your child's favorite things? Child chic? There isn't a room in our home that Connor has placed something of his. I feel like he is marking his territory.  I can some up what he loves easily: books, building and drawing. He spends the bulk of his day creating something, either with Legos or paper and crayons. He loves being read to and often reads to himself at bedtime. I love this age. Year 4 has been fantastic. 

August was a wonderful month for our family. James traveled less and spent more time with us than other months this Summer, Connor slept more and has just been the sweetest and I was able to break through my weight loss plateau. While Summer 2017 was one of our best summers yet, I am eager for Fall. Because #basicStephanie does Fall like no one else.

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