Friday, August 11, 2017

Little Letters | Volume 8

Happy Friday, friends! Today is the day I write letters to people, things, situations to places I've visited, to the thoughts in my head and everything in between. I'll be sharing a letter-filled post with you each month on the second Friday. I'd love for you to join me as I join Kristin from Taz and Belly for this fun new Friday link-up. As Kristin said they can be serious or silly, just cozy up with a cup of joe/tea/wine and share your thoughts in short letter form. Let's begin!

Dear Sally,
Happy Birthday! I know how much you love this day so my wish for you is that it's perfect. I love you, even when I don't like you, and I wish you the very best 33 year ever.

Dear Ohio weather,
You have literally made this the best Summer ever. It has yet to be hot and well, that's alright by me. I am not a fan of humidity and sweating for no reason at all so your high 70's, low 80's have been a welcomed change for my least favorite season.

Dear Connor,
What can I do to convince you to eat veggies? They aren't as horrible as you think. I personally believe that if you would just give me a try, you'd like them. I'm done frighting with you over trying new foods. So... from now on, eat what you want.

Dear Cleaning Schedule,
I need to stick to your outline more often. It really helps keep things manageable and in check. How does our home get so messy and cluttered so dang easily? I need to really focus on doing a bit each day.

Dear Gray Hair,
I'm 34, not 64 so why are you here? I didn't want to color my hair anymore but you've given me little to no wiggle room. The gray is ridiculous and unwanted and well, totally premature. So I'm off to find a new color to try at my next appointment

Dear Solo Parenting,
You are getting easier and easier the older CJ gets. This week was a ton of fun with little to no meltdowns or sass. But one thing I can say is, I am eager to have our Mister home from California.

Dear Pee Wee's Playhouse,
You are the most annoying show Connor's every got hooked on. I blame James for introducing you to C and how I wish he wouldn't have gotten so hooked. He spends his TV time watching you and my gosh, Pee Wee is the most annoying human being. If I have to hear Pee Wee's voice or laugh one more time, I may lose my mind.

Dear Eye Appointment,
One day I will schedule you and maybe even keep the appointment. I really need to get my eyes checked so I can order a new pair of glasses. Maybe I'll set that as my September "personal" goal.

Happy weekend, friends!

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