Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Letter R Craft & Scavenger Hunt | Rhino Inspired

When Jess picked this month's children's book, I was really excited. I had never heard of "How the Rhino Got His Skin" before but was eager to snag it from Usborne for Connor. We've been switching out his baby books for more age appropriate options so this was the perfect time to add to our collection. Not only did we love this new book but we had a blast creating fun based on the book's main character, a rhino!

The book goes through the history of how a rhino's once smooth skin turned bumpy and rough. Due to his lack of manners, the rhino is left with baggy skin and bad temper. I think this book did such a great job at sharing the importance of being polite to teach the lesson of consequences. When looking for a craft and activity for our book, I went with the letter R, for rhino. 

First up is Connor's lowercase R craft. Using a free printable online, we use the letter for the body of the rhino. We then cut out an ear shape and horn from the scraps and colored that. Connor didn't want "a boring rhino" so he had pink and brown to his. We pasted the R to the construction paper and then added the horns, the ear, and the googly eye. To finish it off we drew feet (at C's request) and a tail with a black marker. It looks a bit like an anteater but Connor was awfully proud of it! 

Next we went on a hunt for things that start with R. We were doing this on a rainy day so we were limited to our house for items but I think C did a pretty good job. We found the following R items: rocks, red Lego, receipt, red crayon, raisin box, red heart and Ryder (from Paw Patrol). I made Connor a bag to carry his R items in and I was in tears when he carried it like a purse. 

Connor thought the scavenger hunt was the best. He wanted to do other letters as well. We did H and I before he gave up. I was hoping to work through rhino but with a 4 year old, you get what you get.

"How the Rhino Got His Skin" has been read no less than 15 times this month. Connor has most of the book memorized. He often remarks that if the rhino would have been nice to the baker then his skin wouldn't be so bad and he wouldn't be so mean. I love when books teach children lessons in fun ways that stick.

Next month we will be sharing Annie the Apple Pie Fairy with you! We picked this apple themed book just in time for back to school. We have a craft and a kid approved apple snack to share with you! Come back on September 19th to see what Jess and I have put together.

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