Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How We Summer

I am going to go ahead and term this Summer the "Summer that we summered till we couldn't summer anymore". Or maybe just "we tired" because the first nickname is a bit much, no? Going into the Summer I put together a family fun list that including many things that were already on our calendar, making our list a simple one to complete. With July coming to an end I want to see where we stand with our list of to do's and what memories we have to look forward to.

1. Attend the movies with friends
2. Go to "Mad Scientist" Camp
3. Take a road trip
4. Discover a new park (or two)
5. Have a sleepover with Best Cousin Will
6. Attend a concert
7. Bake a sweet treat for friends
8. Attend VBS
9. Eat frozen yogurt

10. Learn to ride a bike
11. Go camping
12. Tackle home improvement projects
13. Have a water balloon or gun fight
14. Have dinner outside
15. Visit Boonshoft Museum  

16. Host a play date with friends
17. Enjoy a date night in June, July & August
18. Morning play on the deck
19. Send snail mail to preschool friends
20. Spend a day being lazy
21. Watch a movie outside
22. Have a family picnic
23. Take nightly family walks after dinner
24. Spend a weekend at home, taking it easy
25. Host a BBQ

26. Visit the Indy Childrens Museum

Quick math... we've completed 22 out of 30 activities on our list! And we still have a full month of Summer left (school starts on 8/30). Now that you've seen all the fun we have, do you see why I've said the phrase "This week was busy!" over and over again?

I have no doubt that we will complete this list. We won't be attending Mad Science Camp. We opted for 2 months of swim instead, which was the best decision for CJ. Connor is such a fish this year and has learned so many valuable swim skills. One task that I think is going to be trickiest is teaching Connor to ride his bike. We've tried a couple of times and let's just say tears are shed every.single.time.

Summer has been so much fun. We've had a fantastic 2 months and I'm eager to what else we can pack into the last 20+ days of Summer 2017!

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