Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Faves: Snacks, Workouts and Quiet Time

Can someone share with me the secret of making the our week's last a bit longer? This week FLEW by and now the weekend is among us and as per the usual, it's filled with plans, too. A part of me is excited for school to start back so I don't have as much time to make plans. Because let's face it, it's my fault we are constantly on the go. I plan the bulk of our social events. So... someone tell me how to do this less? Because it's been on heck of a jammed packed Summer. Here is a look at this week's highlights and a few random thoughts. And trust me, they are RANDOM!


Connor is never not hungry. He eats and eats and eats. To help keep him full, I've been packing Veggie Go's* with us. He doesn't know there is veggies hidden, he just thinks they are fruit snacks. #momwin. I love that they come pre-packaged so I just toss them in our bags and head out. They are perfect for on the go, don't make any mess and provide CJ with some extra vitamins and minerals thanks to the "hidden" veggies. MomsMeet sent us so many boxes of Veggie Go's that we have plenty of options and we can snack on the go for quiet a while.


I fully realize that C's birthday isn't till October but this year we have a lot to celebrate so I'm starting to plan things early. Not only does CJ turn 5 but James turns 40 and well that's something to celebrate as well. James isn't one to be the center of attention so I'm going to have to figure out how to get him on board. I refuse to let his 40th birthday be ignored. Connor has already picked out the theme for his party and I have to say, I'm pretty excited.


On Tuesday a friend and I attended a new workout class at Sky Zone called SkyFit. Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park that says you can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour with their SkyFit class. While I didn't get in that kind of burn, I have to say I left a soaking mess with muscles screaming for mercy. While I might not have really almost died, I will say I haven't worked out that hard in a long time. The routine includes planks, sit-ups, jumping jacks, hill climbers and so on. Overall, I really liked the class and think I would do it again. Maybe once a month to try something new.


I've been enforcing a hour of quiet time every afternoon. For both Connor and myself. During this time, I put my phone of do not disturb and place my laptop in my office. Connor lays quietly on the couch and watches a show or movie while I read. I've noticed that when we skip too many quiet hours, Connor seems really restless. It's as if his body craves a bit of relaxation. I like it for myself, reading is something that allows me to unwind. Do you have "mandatory" quiet time in your house?


Connor is one lucky kid! He has an entire room full of toys. However, we lack storage so I feel like he doesn't have a ton of room to play in nor does he truly play with all his toys. I feel bad giving any of his toys away yet he doesn't play with all of them. I'm looking for a system to get his toys played with more along with a way for us to store or rotate them. Any suggestions?

Tonight is open house at school, tomorrow is packed with plans and Sunday, I hope to take a hike. The weather is supposed to be amazing and when it's low 80's in August, you get outside all you can! 

Happy weekend, friends!
*Disclosure: our family may have received products and services for free in return for our full, honest review. WMMblog only promotes companies we know and love. As always, contact us with any questions on products and services mentioned if you have questions or concerns. Thank you MomsMeet for keeping CJ's belly full while we enjoy the rest of our Summer. 

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