Thursday, August 10, 2017

First Day of School Memories & Moments Link-Up

The first week of August is winding down. We have just 3 weeks of Summer left before school starts back. This year Connor will be in Pre-K. I can't believe this will be our 3rd year of preschool. Connor loves going to school, learning all he can and being around his peers. I am really eager to see how much he learns and grows during the 2017-2018 school year. I would love for you to share your back to school memories and moments with us.

Details on the linkup
Starting today, we are looking for posts that include first day of school photos, interviews and play by play recaps of the special day. Looking for photography ideas, visit this Pinterest board that has 50 unique ideas. I plan on conducting a simple Q&A with Connor and I love this printable interview. 

{Click here for original pin and printable}

Who Should Participate
Moms to little ones starting school, MOPS or Mothers' Day out. We would love to celebrate this exciting time with you and the only way we can do that is if you share your posts and pictures with us. Are you a teacher with insight to how the first day of school really goes? Or have tips for parents? Share those posts and photos, too. Feel free to link-up your craft ideas and your tips and tricks on teaching little ones as well. 

Important Dates & Details
You have from today until September 10 to linkup any all back to school posts. If you aren't a blogger and want to join in, use #2017B2S (B2S = back to school) when you share photos on Facebook and Instagram so we can check them out. Additionally, use that same hashtag to share any photos of your family preparing for the new school year along with any posts you may have including the topic "back to school".

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