Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dresstember Clothing Challenge

If you've been a reader of Wife Mommy Me for any amount of time, you know all too well I don't pride myself on being a fashionista. In regards to my clothing, I would say that I prefer comfort and style over being trendy and stylish. I do take proud in my clothing and my appearance but plan to kick that up a notch in September. 
Introducing... Dresstember! What's Dresstember? It's a really simple way to look for new fresh ways to dress and style yourself. Starting September your goal is to wear dresses, skirts or maxis only for 10 days! Ideally you use the clothing you already have, the items that are often overlooked for daily wear and find new fresh ways to work your wardrobe. 

This challenge allows you to wear what you want when you want. You'll wear dresses, skirts or maxis 10 days, document your outfit in photos, share on Instagram tagging #10DaysofDresstember and for those of you who blog, you'll come back and share a round-up of your outfits with us on October 10th. 

I'm sure someone is thinking what prompted me to create this challenge. While cleaning out my closet I was shocked to find that I have over 20 dresses, skirts or maxis at my disposal. I don't make myself dress up much so this is a challenge for me to wear clothes just taking up space. To dress a bit more fancy from time to time and to stop buying items when I have more than enough to wear hanging up (you're welcome James).
I would love for you to join us. To recap... 
Wear dresses, skirts and maxis for 10 days. 
Challenge runs September 1-30
Share your outfits on Instagram using hashtag #10DaysofDresstember
Bloggers - come back and share a recap of all 10 outfits on October 10

I would love to know if you plan to join us! There are a handful other ladies joining me in this challenge so there will be so much personality and style being showcase in this challenge. I am really excited to see the creative ways you make feminine pieces work for you. 

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