Thursday, August 3, 2017

Coffee Cup Conversations | Goals Edition

Remember when I used to do monthly goals? I haven't shared a list of personal and family goals since April. If I need a reason, I think it's because school ended mid-May and our Summer has been packed full of plans and memory making. With the Summer coming to an end for us (thanks to the start of school), I can't help but think of the goals I want our family to focus on. What better time to put together a list of goals than with the start of a new month. So sit back with your cup of coffee or wine, depending on your time zone, and let's talk goals.

For the bulk of Spring and Summer I've been focused on keeping our family busy and working on losing weight. I am not one to usually enjoy Summer but this year was different. We done so much, I a bit sad to see it come to an end. Today, I want to focus on monthly goals like I once did before. Areas I want to focus on are family, health and wellness, Connor, Mister & Me and miscellaneous.

Complete a charity walk
Have family game night

Try one new work-out class
Hit -35 lbs. in August

Get back to a "normal" sleep schedule
Host a play date with friends before school starts back

Enjoy 2 date nights this month
Spend less time on our phones after CJ heads to bed

Cut back on dining out during the week
Start meal planning both lunches and dinner

For the month of August, I also want to spend a bit more time reading and want to make time to reply to comments on my blog. I used to be so good at this but somewhere along the way stopped replying to them, which is kind of rude, right? So starting this month, I hope to be better about this. It's just the 3rd of the month and I'm 2-0 for replying to comments ... so far so good!

Are you a goal-setter? Do you like creating lists, checking off tasks as you complete them and relishing in your progress at the end of the week/month? I know I do!

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