Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Roasted Chicken & Veggies - One Pan, 15 Minutes

Since starting Weight Watchers, I've been on the hunt for more and more meals offers me plenty of protein, uses zero SmartPoints fruits or veggies and allows me to have more per serving for less overall SmartPoints.

Last week I was on my A-game with my food choices. I wanted to see a big loss come Wednesday morning and when I made this one pan chicken and veggies, I knew it would quickly become a staple in our dinner rotation. You guys, it's so good. It's simple yet filling. I kind of want to call it "veggie drawer chicken" because any veggie in your fridge's vegetable drawer would do for this recipe. Here's my version on the all to famous one pan chicken.

{4 SmartPoints for 4 oz of chicken, unlimited veggies}

3 medium chicken breasts, cut into bite size pieces
Veggies of your choice - I used broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and asparagus 
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
1/2 teaspoon of Italian seasoning
1/2 teaspoon of dried onion
1/2 teaspoon of dried garlic 
1/4 teaspoon of paprika 

Pre-heat oven to 500 degrees. Lightly spray baking sheet with cooking spray. Chop all veggies into bite size pieces. On a fresh cutting board, trim any fat off of the chicken breast and cut it into bite size pieces. Place the chicken and veggies on the sheet pan. Add the olive oil, salt, black pepper and seasonings. Toss to combine. Bake for 15-17 minutes. 

I know I said it once but it's worth repeating: THIS RECIPE IS SO DANG GOOD. You can easily personalize the veggies and seasonings to match your tastes. I'm thinking of trying to Asian spin on this next time, pairing it with rice. If you like peppers, this would be equally tasty with bell peppers, zucchini and onion. 

Add this to your dinner menu and I promise you it will be a hit. The best part? It takes 15 minutes to bake. Summer isn't the time of year to be using the oven for long period of times so this is perfect. From start to finish you can have dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes! 

Monday, August 21, 2017

$10 at Target x10 Giveaway!

In lieu of my regularly scheduled $10 at Target post today I'm sharing with you a chance to win a $100 gift card to Target or $100 deposited into your PayPal account. Now doesn't that make Monday hurt a bit less? Here's a look at my most popular Target posts along with the Rafflecopter for the giveaway.

If you've read my blog for a while, you know I tend to shop in the Dollar Spot for my items. I've ventured out a bit but for the most part, everything I need for this shopping challenge is located at the front of the store. My top 5 posts share the diversity in the Dollar Spot, showcasing why I love that section of the store so much.

Next month, I plan to share the goodies we bought from Target for our at-home family game nights. I am really excited to put our goodies to use over the next few months as the weather here begins to turn and it starts to get dark at 5PM. 

Enough of my chatter. You want to enter the giveaway, right? Here's your chance - good luck! Be sure to share your monthly shopping trips in the link-up below as well.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Faves: Snacks, Workouts and Quiet Time

Can someone share with me the secret of making the our week's last a bit longer? This week FLEW by and now the weekend is among us and as per the usual, it's filled with plans, too. A part of me is excited for school to start back so I don't have as much time to make plans. Because let's face it, it's my fault we are constantly on the go. I plan the bulk of our social events. So... someone tell me how to do this less? Because it's been on heck of a jammed packed Summer. Here is a look at this week's highlights and a few random thoughts. And trust me, they are RANDOM!


Connor is never not hungry. He eats and eats and eats. To help keep him full, I've been packing Veggie Go's* with us. He doesn't know there is veggies hidden, he just thinks they are fruit snacks. #momwin. I love that they come pre-packaged so I just toss them in our bags and head out. They are perfect for on the go, don't make any mess and provide CJ with some extra vitamins and minerals thanks to the "hidden" veggies. MomsMeet sent us so many boxes of Veggie Go's that we have plenty of options and we can snack on the go for quiet a while.


I fully realize that C's birthday isn't till October but this year we have a lot to celebrate so I'm starting to plan things early. Not only does CJ turn 5 but James turns 40 and well that's something to celebrate as well. James isn't one to be the center of attention so I'm going to have to figure out how to get him on board. I refuse to let his 40th birthday be ignored. Connor has already picked out the theme for his party and I have to say, I'm pretty excited.


On Tuesday a friend and I attended a new workout class at Sky Zone called SkyFit. Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park that says you can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour with their SkyFit class. While I didn't get in that kind of burn, I have to say I left a soaking mess with muscles screaming for mercy. While I might not have really almost died, I will say I haven't worked out that hard in a long time. The routine includes planks, sit-ups, jumping jacks, hill climbers and so on. Overall, I really liked the class and think I would do it again. Maybe once a month to try something new.


I've been enforcing a hour of quiet time every afternoon. For both Connor and myself. During this time, I put my phone of do not disturb and place my laptop in my office. Connor lays quietly on the couch and watches a show or movie while I read. I've noticed that when we skip too many quiet hours, Connor seems really restless. It's as if his body craves a bit of relaxation. I like it for myself, reading is something that allows me to unwind. Do you have "mandatory" quiet time in your house?


Connor is one lucky kid! He has an entire room full of toys. However, we lack storage so I feel like he doesn't have a ton of room to play in nor does he truly play with all his toys. I feel bad giving any of his toys away yet he doesn't play with all of them. I'm looking for a system to get his toys played with more along with a way for us to store or rotate them. Any suggestions?

Tonight is open house at school, tomorrow is packed with plans and Sunday, I hope to take a hike. The weather is supposed to be amazing and when it's low 80's in August, you get outside all you can! 

Happy weekend, friends!
*Disclosure: our family may have received products and services for free in return for our full, honest review. WMMblog only promotes companies we know and love. As always, contact us with any questions on products and services mentioned if you have questions or concerns. Thank you MomsMeet for keeping CJ's belly full while we enjoy the rest of our Summer. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dresstember Clothing Challenge

If you've been a reader of Wife Mommy Me for any amount of time, you know all too well I don't pride myself on being a fashionista. In regards to my clothing, I would say that I prefer comfort and style over being trendy and stylish. I do take proud in my clothing and my appearance but plan to kick that up a notch in September. 
Introducing... Dresstember! What's Dresstember? It's a really simple way to look for new fresh ways to dress and style yourself. Starting September your goal is to wear dresses, skirts or maxis only for 10 days! Ideally you use the clothing you already have, the items that are often overlooked for daily wear and find new fresh ways to work your wardrobe. 

This challenge allows you to wear what you want when you want. You'll wear dresses, skirts or maxis 10 days, document your outfit in photos, share on Instagram tagging #10DaysofDresstember and for those of you who blog, you'll come back and share a round-up of your outfits with us on October 10th. 

I'm sure someone is thinking what prompted me to create this challenge. While cleaning out my closet I was shocked to find that I have over 20 dresses, skirts or maxis at my disposal. I don't make myself dress up much so this is a challenge for me to wear clothes just taking up space. To dress a bit more fancy from time to time and to stop buying items when I have more than enough to wear hanging up (you're welcome James).
I would love for you to join us. To recap... 
Wear dresses, skirts and maxis for 10 days. 
Challenge runs September 1-30
Share your outfits on Instagram using hashtag #10DaysofDresstember
Bloggers - come back and share a recap of all 10 outfits on October 10

I would love to know if you plan to join us! There are a handful other ladies joining me in this challenge so there will be so much personality and style being showcase in this challenge. I am really excited to see the creative ways you make feminine pieces work for you. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Daily Dime {August 2017}

I started sharing day in the life post in the Summer of 2015. I've been doing these post quarterly as a way to document how quickly things change in our lives and how fast Connor grows and matures in a simple 3 months. Not to mention get 10-12 photos off my phone. When I read of a new monthly link-up titled Daily Dime shared by Sarah from Seeing All Sides, I knew I would be adding it to my blogging rotation. The Daily Dime has just 3 rules - snap 10 photos of a single day, put together a post and share. Easy peasy, right?
What makes this month's post awesome is that I'm the guest host for the link-up. Daily Dime ladies, thank you for having me. Now... here is our day, which just so happens to be the laziest Sunday we've had in forever. I'm not one bit upset with that thought. Our family was in desperate need of a "chilling day" as Connor calls them. 

Before I move onto the photo dump, I am hoping these monthly photos will give me a chance to share the behind the scenes of our lives. I am horrible at doing weekend recaps (the last published one was over a year ago!) so this new Daily Dime link-up came at the perfect time. I'm sharing this past weekend with you, Sunday to be exact.

Connor has been getting up between 7:30 - 8AM and while I would love to sleep in more on the weekends, that's not really on his agenda. This particular morning was rough because we went to a concert the evening before and I didn't get to bed till 1AM.

I don't eat first thing in the morning. I usually wait about an hour or so before eating. This morning I had oatmeal and a banana (3SP for those wondering). Connor has a breakfast grain bar with milk and strawberries. James was still sleeping when CJ and I had breakfast.

From 9-1 we did very little. We read, we cat napped, we watched cartoons. I told you it was a pretty lazy Sunday. But after our busy Summer, we needed a day to just relax. I am still working through Where'd You Go, Bernadette and hope to finish it this week.

If this post has a theme, it's books and food. You'll see why in a bit. Lunch was pretty basic and point friendly because we were having pasta for dinner and I needed to use my points wisely. James made lunch for me and I love that he takes WW into consideration when making meals for us.

I jump online for a bit to get caught up on some blog business. I was able to get completely caught up and even a bit ahead of the game in less than 60 minutes. I try not to be on my computer a ton on the weekends, focusing more on my guys and spending time together, not on electronics.  

I've been having my protein coffee for my afternoon snack. My coffee is 30 grams of protein and paired with my Premier Protein bar, I have a snack that has 25 grams of fulfilling protein. I've discovered this helps keep me full till dinner.

I've been finding new to us (and brand new books) on Amazon for crazy cheap lately. I realize that this are both seasonally off but we will read them in time. Connor has already flipped through both and asked me to read the Pete the Cat book.

We've all showered and changed out of pajamas so we can run to the grocery. I much prefer to go to the grocery on the weekends. Not only can James go with us and help me keep Connor entertained but he is able to get things he likes, too, and then help put the groceries away.  

Connor asked for a toy before we went to the store, begging to go to Target instead of Kroger. James told him no toy but from the photo above, it's clear that wasn't the case. So again, Connor gets a toy. That he doesn't really need. 

Connor's favorite dinner is spaghetti and meatballs. I'm on board with that because I wanted to try a new to us ravioli, stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese. James said they were okay, he isn't a ricotta fan. I liked them but they are high in points (8SP for a cup). I realize asparagus is a strange side dish for pasta and meatballs but I needed to use it before it went bad. 

After dinner I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen while Connor and James spent some time together. James put C to bed at 8:30 and I read for a bit. We've been trying to get to bed earlier so we turned in around 10. 

So there you have. Our lazy day Sunday. I would love for you to join this month's Daily Dime (and any other month for that matter, too! Next month's date is September 13th). Link-up up with us below so you can get monthly reminders of this link-up! Be sure to stop by the hosts as well, each is listed below in the link-up widget. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Letter R Craft & Scavenger Hunt | Rhino Inspired

When Jess picked this month's children's book, I was really excited. I had never heard of "How the Rhino Got His Skin" before but was eager to snag it from Usborne for Connor. We've been switching out his baby books for more age appropriate options so this was the perfect time to add to our collection. Not only did we love this new book but we had a blast creating fun based on the book's main character, a rhino!

The book goes through the history of how a rhino's once smooth skin turned bumpy and rough. Due to his lack of manners, the rhino is left with baggy skin and bad temper. I think this book did such a great job at sharing the importance of being polite to teach the lesson of consequences. When looking for a craft and activity for our book, I went with the letter R, for rhino. 

First up is Connor's lowercase R craft. Using a free printable online, we use the letter for the body of the rhino. We then cut out an ear shape and horn from the scraps and colored that. Connor didn't want "a boring rhino" so he had pink and brown to his. We pasted the R to the construction paper and then added the horns, the ear, and the googly eye. To finish it off we drew feet (at C's request) and a tail with a black marker. It looks a bit like an anteater but Connor was awfully proud of it! 

Next we went on a hunt for things that start with R. We were doing this on a rainy day so we were limited to our house for items but I think C did a pretty good job. We found the following R items: rocks, red Lego, receipt, red crayon, raisin box, red heart and Ryder (from Paw Patrol). I made Connor a bag to carry his R items in and I was in tears when he carried it like a purse. 

Connor thought the scavenger hunt was the best. He wanted to do other letters as well. We did H and I before he gave up. I was hoping to work through rhino but with a 4 year old, you get what you get.

"How the Rhino Got His Skin" has been read no less than 15 times this month. Connor has most of the book memorized. He often remarks that if the rhino would have been nice to the baker then his skin wouldn't be so bad and he wouldn't be so mean. I love when books teach children lessons in fun ways that stick.

Next month we will be sharing Annie the Apple Pie Fairy with you! We picked this apple themed book just in time for back to school. We have a craft and a kid approved apple snack to share with you! Come back on September 19th to see what Jess and I have put together.

Be sure to visit Jess at Secrets of a SAHM to see what fun they had with this month's book!
Click HERE to visit her blog. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Little Letters | Volume 8

Happy Friday, friends! Today is the day I write letters to people, things, situations to places I've visited, to the thoughts in my head and everything in between. I'll be sharing a letter-filled post with you each month on the second Friday. I'd love for you to join me as I join Kristin from Taz and Belly for this fun new Friday link-up. As Kristin said they can be serious or silly, just cozy up with a cup of joe/tea/wine and share your thoughts in short letter form. Let's begin!

Dear Sally,
Happy Birthday! I know how much you love this day so my wish for you is that it's perfect. I love you, even when I don't like you, and I wish you the very best 33 year ever.

Dear Ohio weather,
You have literally made this the best Summer ever. It has yet to be hot and well, that's alright by me. I am not a fan of humidity and sweating for no reason at all so your high 70's, low 80's have been a welcomed change for my least favorite season.

Dear Connor,
What can I do to convince you to eat veggies? They aren't as horrible as you think. I personally believe that if you would just give me a try, you'd like them. I'm done frighting with you over trying new foods. So... from now on, eat what you want.

Dear Cleaning Schedule,
I need to stick to your outline more often. It really helps keep things manageable and in check. How does our home get so messy and cluttered so dang easily? I need to really focus on doing a bit each day.

Dear Gray Hair,
I'm 34, not 64 so why are you here? I didn't want to color my hair anymore but you've given me little to no wiggle room. The gray is ridiculous and unwanted and well, totally premature. So I'm off to find a new color to try at my next appointment

Dear Solo Parenting,
You are getting easier and easier the older CJ gets. This week was a ton of fun with little to no meltdowns or sass. But one thing I can say is, I am eager to have our Mister home from California.

Dear Pee Wee's Playhouse,
You are the most annoying show Connor's every got hooked on. I blame James for introducing you to C and how I wish he wouldn't have gotten so hooked. He spends his TV time watching you and my gosh, Pee Wee is the most annoying human being. If I have to hear Pee Wee's voice or laugh one more time, I may lose my mind.

Dear Eye Appointment,
One day I will schedule you and maybe even keep the appointment. I really need to get my eyes checked so I can order a new pair of glasses. Maybe I'll set that as my September "personal" goal.

Happy weekend, friends!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

First Day of School Memories & Moments Link-Up

The first week of August is winding down. We have just 3 weeks of Summer left before school starts back. This year Connor will be in Pre-K. I can't believe this will be our 3rd year of preschool. Connor loves going to school, learning all he can and being around his peers. I am really eager to see how much he learns and grows during the 2017-2018 school year. I would love for you to share your back to school memories and moments with us.

Details on the linkup
Starting today, we are looking for posts that include first day of school photos, interviews and play by play recaps of the special day. Looking for photography ideas, visit this Pinterest board that has 50 unique ideas. I plan on conducting a simple Q&A with Connor and I love this printable interview. 

{Click here for original pin and printable}

Who Should Participate
Moms to little ones starting school, MOPS or Mothers' Day out. We would love to celebrate this exciting time with you and the only way we can do that is if you share your posts and pictures with us. Are you a teacher with insight to how the first day of school really goes? Or have tips for parents? Share those posts and photos, too. Feel free to link-up your craft ideas and your tips and tricks on teaching little ones as well. 

Important Dates & Details
You have from today until September 10 to linkup any all back to school posts. If you aren't a blogger and want to join in, use #2017B2S (B2S = back to school) when you share photos on Facebook and Instagram so we can check them out. Additionally, use that same hashtag to share any photos of your family preparing for the new school year along with any posts you may have including the topic "back to school".

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August's TKBTB with Connor

Welcome to August's The Kids Behind The Blog linkup. Each month the host and other mommas come together to share a quick Q&A with their little ones. Full details can be found HERE. As a host, I'll share the answers from this month's chat with Connor along with questions that we will be asking in September. Let's get started...

If you could change one of your family’s rules what would you change? Computer every day.
Are you a good friend? Why or why not? Yeah, I guess. Since my friends like me.
Where is your favorite place in the whole world? The park.
If you could invent anything in the world what would it be? A machines that could split items into two things like a clone machine.
What are you most excited about this year in school? Having lunch and going on recess.

Because we start school at the end of the month I wanted to add a handful of questions to our Q&A so I could capture Connor's thoughts about going to Pre-K this year...

What's your teacher's name? Ms. Roxy.
What class are you in this year? Pre-K.. is it Pre-K, right, Momma?
When you grow up, you want to be: I haven't found out yet. 
Favorite food? Spaghetti and meatballs
Favorite color? Strawberry Red
Favorite show to watch on TV with friends? PJ Masks and my super duper favorite is Super Why and sometimes even Teen Titans Go if my friend is older.
Favorite book? My new Jack chapter book
What do you think you are going to learn about this year? More about Jesus, how to count by 10's better and maybe I'll do more crafts so we can hang them up in your office. 
Best friend(s)? Macie

My thoughts: When Connor's behavior is less than acceptable, we cut out his computer time. This is the ultimate punishment for him. He does love going to the park. We probably go 3-4 times a week. I told him that clone machines were already a thing and he replied "but not like how I would make it". I hate to break his heart but he doesn't get to have lunch at school this year. I'll let him find that out on his own. He has loved spaghetti and meatballs since he was a year old. This will be his answer till the end of time. Strawberry red made me giggle. I love that he said he would learn about Jesus. He has learned so much about Christ through school. And his best friend... always our girl Mae. 

Here are the questions for September, which includes a few school themed prompts. Be sure to interview your little ones and join us on September 13th.

How is school going so far? Tell me something you have learned. 
Have you made any new friends yet?
What is your favorite thing to do after school?
What is your favorite TV show right now?
Do you have any pets? Tell me about them.

Grab our button and join us this month and next (August 9th) with the cute, sassiness that is life with a child. You never know what will come out of a little person's mouth. We would love it if you shared such gems with us.

October 11 | November 8 | December 13

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How We Summer

I am going to go ahead and term this Summer the "Summer that we summered till we couldn't summer anymore". Or maybe just "we tired" because the first nickname is a bit much, no? Going into the Summer I put together a family fun list that including many things that were already on our calendar, making our list a simple one to complete. With July coming to an end I want to see where we stand with our list of to do's and what memories we have to look forward to.

1. Attend the movies with friends
2. Go to "Mad Scientist" Camp
3. Take a road trip
4. Discover a new park (or two)
5. Have a sleepover with Best Cousin Will
6. Attend a concert
7. Bake a sweet treat for friends
8. Attend VBS
9. Eat frozen yogurt

10. Learn to ride a bike
11. Go camping
12. Tackle home improvement projects
13. Have a water balloon or gun fight
14. Have dinner outside
15. Visit Boonshoft Museum  

16. Host a play date with friends
17. Enjoy a date night in June, July & August
18. Morning play on the deck
19. Send snail mail to preschool friends
20. Spend a day being lazy
21. Watch a movie outside
22. Have a family picnic
23. Take nightly family walks after dinner
24. Spend a weekend at home, taking it easy
25. Host a BBQ

26. Visit the Indy Childrens Museum

Quick math... we've completed 22 out of 30 activities on our list! And we still have a full month of Summer left (school starts on 8/30). Now that you've seen all the fun we have, do you see why I've said the phrase "This week was busy!" over and over again?

I have no doubt that we will complete this list. We won't be attending Mad Science Camp. We opted for 2 months of swim instead, which was the best decision for CJ. Connor is such a fish this year and has learned so many valuable swim skills. One task that I think is going to be trickiest is teaching Connor to ride his bike. We've tried a couple of times and let's just say tears are shed every.single.time.

Summer has been so much fun. We've had a fantastic 2 months and I'm eager to what else we can pack into the last 20+ days of Summer 2017!

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Lady Behind the Blog

Happy Monday! Today Connor and I are visiting my parents. James is on a work trip out of state so we decided to load up the car and head over the river and through the woods to visit Mammaw and Pappaw. So while you read this, we are more than likely doing one of two things: visiting Amish Country or swimming. Summer road trips are the best, no?

When The Blended Blog shared this month's "TBB Asks" prompts I knew I wanted to join in. For those of you who are new readers or just my loyal gals, here's a bit more about the lady behind the blog.

1. I love the sound of the ocean, (most) lakes gross me out so... that leaves pools. They are my preferred body of water.

2. All 3 - camping, cottage and hotel are all fine with me. Camping can and is fun if you go in with an open mind.

3. Mint chocolate chip. All. Day. Long.

4. T-shirt and shorts 85% of the time with a few pairs of pajamas mixed in. Usually during the winter month.

5. Snapple's Half 'n Half. I've been drinking it more and more and it's the perfect amount of sweet. The best part is... it's ZERO SMART POINTS.

6. Cold. I would much rather be cold than be hot for no reason. I love the Fall and Winter holidays so much that I just take the colder weather as an added perk.

7. You would think being 5' 1" I would like a little help from a heeled shoe but I much prefer flats.

8. Shorts. I feel like skirts would be for date night, church and dressier occasions.

9. Both. I love the feel of the sun on my skin until I start to sweat. Then it's time to move to the shade.

10. All 3! I do a really good job at balancing drinking plenty of water with a teas and soda mixed in. My soda of choice is Diet Coke. My go-to tea is peach or raspberry.

11. Summer fruit: pineapple and summer veggie: zucchini.

12. Sunrises... it's a new day with fresh possibilities.

13. I really love taking walks and hikes. I love moving by body from one place to the next, exploring, soaking in my surroundings.

14. Winery only because I've never been to a brewery. One of my favorite wineries is Valley Vineyards. We have plans to go 2 times this year with friends and I can not wait.

15. Garden but only this one. It's where we were married. It's our place and we visit at least once a week with CJ when the weather is nice.

16. Give me all the music - any venue will do. So far this Summer I've been to 8 concerts: Gary Allan, Chicago, Collective Soul, Alexandra Kay, Naked Karate Girls, Everclear, TNKOTB and Nashville.

17. Grilled corn on the cob is my favorite Summer side dish. But really anything grilled is so good. I'm not a big fan of pork but grilled pork chops are so tasty! 

18. Given the chance, I pick dining outside. Ohio's weather can so bi-polar so any chance we get to dine outdoors we do. 

19. Favorite Summer destination... I don't really have one. We don't go on vacation much in the Summer but if I had the chance, I would love to go to Mackinac Island in MI.

20. Neither. I do like festivals though. But carnivals and theme parks both annoy me with things being so overpriced and food is usually greasy and gross. How snobby do I sound?

21. I don't drink much. Maybe every 4 months or so. But when I did in my early 20's, I liked my drinks at the rocks.

22. Give me any strawberry or cherry flavored treats, especially slushies or Popsicles.

23. Turkey hot dogs with burger every once in a while. I'm not much of a red meat fan but a good burger is something I request every couple of months or so.

Do we have anything in common? Maybe so, maybe not!
Pick a prompt and answer it in the comment section below.
I would love to know more about you! 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Coffee Cup Conversations | Goals Edition

Remember when I used to do monthly goals? I haven't shared a list of personal and family goals since April. If I need a reason, I think it's because school ended mid-May and our Summer has been packed full of plans and memory making. With the Summer coming to an end for us (thanks to the start of school), I can't help but think of the goals I want our family to focus on. What better time to put together a list of goals than with the start of a new month. So sit back with your cup of coffee or wine, depending on your time zone, and let's talk goals.

For the bulk of Spring and Summer I've been focused on keeping our family busy and working on losing weight. I am not one to usually enjoy Summer but this year was different. We done so much, I a bit sad to see it come to an end. Today, I want to focus on monthly goals like I once did before. Areas I want to focus on are family, health and wellness, Connor, Mister & Me and miscellaneous.

Complete a charity walk
Have family game night

Try one new work-out class
Hit -35 lbs. in August

Get back to a "normal" sleep schedule
Host a play date with friends before school starts back

Enjoy 2 date nights this month
Spend less time on our phones after CJ heads to bed

Cut back on dining out during the week
Start meal planning both lunches and dinner

For the month of August, I also want to spend a bit more time reading and want to make time to reply to comments on my blog. I used to be so good at this but somewhere along the way stopped replying to them, which is kind of rude, right? So starting this month, I hope to be better about this. It's just the 3rd of the month and I'm 2-0 for replying to comments ... so far so good!

Are you a goal-setter? Do you like creating lists, checking off tasks as you complete them and relishing in your progress at the end of the week/month? I know I do!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Operation: Read My Bookshelf

You know you are a bookworm when you feel that reading just 3 books in a month makes you a slacker. July was a busy month for us and I didn't have as much downtime to read. I was, however, able to read 3 books this month and have now challenged myself to read the books sitting on my bookshelf instead of constantly overlooking them to read ones from my Kindle or the library. Here's what I read in July and a handful of the books I plan to read in August.

Both Colleen Hoover and Jessica Park are authors I've read before. Too Late and Left Drowning were both quick reads, with good story lines with twists and turns that kept me interested. Each book had a bit too much detail when it came to the bedroom scenes. I don't have a problem with such parts when written in moderation but both had more than enough. Maybe less is more?

After You Left was slow start book but once it picked up, I was hooked. Like the two books mentioned above, it had a great story line with a twist that made the story one that in the end I was glad I read.

All 3 books are available on Kindle Umlimited for free. I've came to the conclusion that Kindle Unlimited doesn't really have "amazing" books to choice from. They are usually books with a 3 or 4 star rating and written by authors trying to "catch on". Colleen Hoover is an exception to this thought though. Her books are fantastic. I've shared some of those before. But Too Late was just okay. If you want a Hoover book that's fanstatic, pick up any of these three: It Ends with Us, November 9 or Confess.

I mentioned my bookshelf. The one holding 63 books that need to be read. When cleaning out the basement last weekend, I realized just how many books I've been stockpiling. I've now challenged myself to read 3-4 books next month from this pile. For August, I've picked...

Home Again by Kristin Hannah
When We Fall by Emily Liebert
Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand

I am really hoping to read at least 3 of these books, adding a 4th is a stretch goal. The only author I haven't read is Emily Liebert. The one book I'm most looking forward to reading is The Antelope in the Living Room. I love Shankle's writing so I am eager to devour this novel.

Now it's your turn. Share with us what books you've read last month. They can be novels you've read yourself, books you've read to your little ones, blog and internet articles. As long as you've been reading, it counts!