Monday, July 10, 2017

The Daily Dime {July 2017}

I started sharing day in the life post in the Summer of 2015. I've been doing these post quarterly as a way to document how quickly things change in our lives and how fast Connor grows and matures in a simple 3 months. Not to mention get 10-12 photos off my phone. When I read of a new monthly link-up titled Daily Dime shared by Sarah from Seeing All Sides, I knew I would be adding it to my blogging rotation. The Daily Dime has just 3 rules - snap 10 photos of a single day, put together a post and share. Easy peasy, right? This monthly posts are going to replace our day in the life posts simply because I want to document every day life more on our blog. Here is July's Daily Dime.

Before I move onto the photo dump, I am hoping these monthly photos will give me a chance to share the behind the scenes of our lives. I am horrible at doing weekend recaps (the last published one was over a year ago!) so this new Daily Dime link-up came at the perfect time. I'm sharing this past weekend with you, Saturday to be exact.

No joke... every single morning starts with coffee. I have been enjoying this protein coffee for the last 4.5 months and on the mornings I skip, I am usually hungry and cranky. Momma needs her protein filled caffeine in the morning. I am thinking of splurging and getting myself a cold brew coffee maker so I can make my own. If I do, I'll be sure to share what I pick.

Actually, I can't whistle but I can clean like no other. Saturday morning we spent a couple of hours really cleaning and tackling some tasks that have been neglected, like our kitchen floor for example. James was my knight in shining armor and cleaned the bathroom. It's the one chore I just "forget" to do most weeks hoping he will clean it (9 out of 10 times he does!).

Connor loves when someone is in the backseat with him. We had company on Saturday and we all drove together to a local festival so I sat with him and my Mom in the back and he was the happiest guy ever.

Connor was given a $10 Target gift card from his best girls, Kari and Macie, at his graduation. He has been holding onto it for the "perfect" purchase. He finally found it this weekend when he purchased a "Crossy Roads" character set. He plays the game with James on FireTV so he was excited to find a set to play with.

My Mom and youngest brother came up to spend the day with us and we attended a local Wing Fest festival. This is the second year we've been and it was fun sharing our love of chicken wings with my brother who is a hot sauce lover like no other. I made him take a selfie with me, something he really isn't into but I've been bossy him around since 1991.

When it comes to cold treats, I prefer frozen yogurt over custard but both over ice cream. My all-time favorite is brownie batter frozen yogurt. I don't really think "what's the points?" when treating myself to this because it's going to be way more than I want but dang, it's so so good!

Connor loves my Mom something fierce. The love is mutual for sure. He bosses her around a bit but she doesn't seem to mind much since she comes back for more. I hope that CJ and Mammaw's relationship is always this close and special. My grandparents (on both sides) have passed away so I love that Connor has grandparents to love on and grow with.

While out and about we stopped at our favorite book store. 2nd and Charles is such a cool store. It's located next to one of our favorite stores, Trader Joe's and down the hall from Orange Leaf and TJ Maxx. It's safe to say we make sure we visit this store often because not only does it have great books and toys but it allows us to visit our other favorite shops, too! 

Our city just opened up an arcade with vintage games and it's the coolest place. It's free to play as long as you purchase food or drink. A couple of Diet Cokes later and I've played some of my favorite games: Skee Ball, Super Mario, Strike Master and The Simpsons. It's also kid friendly so that's another perk.

CJ, your personality is through the roof. I asked for a photo and to give me my favorite (Connor) face and this is what I got. He was such a good kid on Saturday when we ran around town with out of town guests. He stayed up way passed bedtime and was still so chipper Sunday morning. I love this age and how much fun we have together and with friends and family. 

Saturday was a pretty busy day leaving us taking it easy on Sunday. We slept in, had lunch out, took a hike, indulged with a sweet treat then hung out at home before prepping for another busy week! 

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