Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Favorite Trader Joe's Items

For the bulk of our grocery needs I shop at Kroger. But when looking for a handful of "specialty" items, I shop Trader Joe's. I usually go once a month to stock up. And when I go, I always pick up the same 5 items. Here are my favorite Trader Joe's items along with SmartPoint values and how I use each product.


When a Chinese take-out craving hit, I reach for these. For just 4SP you can have 12. They are easy to prepare and are ridiculously tasty. I usually pair this with a homemade chicken and broccoli dish, similar to the General Tso's you'd get at your favorite Chinese restaurant.


I love mac & cheese and this frozen option allows me to still have on of my favorite comfort foods without the guilt of a ton of calories or points used. One box is 8 points and I usually mix in broccoli and chicken or tuna. I've also made this as a side dish for dinner, sharing half with James, cutting the point total in half from 8 to 4.


We don't eat a lot of hamburgers or red meat in general but when we are craving a burger these hit the spot and are perfect for grilling. I haven't had them any other way but can tell you they make fantastic grilled (turkey) burgers. One patty is 4SP which isn't bad for a burger.


Most veggies are 0SP but this is an exception and one worth using points on. For 1 cup, you'll use 2SP but these are the closest, best tasting faux mashed potatoes you'll find. These cook on the stove-top and you can add more or less water to get the right texture. I've tried other options but they are all more soup like (even though they aren't supposed to be).


This is my favorite new-to-me TJ find. We love pizza in our house and have yet to find a cauliflower product we don't like so this was one we were looking forward to. You can have 1/6 of the pizza for 2SP (before adding sauce and toppings). It's not exactly like "normal" pizza but it's a tasty way to have a healthy pizza. I plan to use my last crust on a Hawaiian Pizza.

And before someone asks if these items taste like "diet" food, they don't! I would never waste money on items that taste bad for the sake of point value. I am more than willing to use more points if it means I get to have good food. Each of these items are full of flavor, making them worth the price and monthly trip to Trader Joe's.

What are you favorite Trader Joe's finds? Share with me in the comments below! 

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