Thursday, July 13, 2017

How To Carry a Lighter Purse with The Ridge Wallet

Remember when I shared this "What's In My Purse?" post detailing my habit of large purses with too much stuff? I am proud to say I've came a long way since then. I've been carrying smaller bags and less junk and it's been freeing. No longer am I digging around in my purse looking for one item or another. But one thing I've struggled with is having a purse small yet large enough to fit some of the Mister's belongings in it too. I've came up with the perfect solution to carrying everything we need and doing so in a crossbody purse.

Crossybodies were never a style that suited my "pack everything with us when leaving the house" motto until about 6 months ago. When prepping for our trip to Disney I knew I would need to carry something but didn't want the hassle of a typical purse. Enter my favorite crossbody from Soul Society (similar purse at a killer deal). I am pleasantly surprised by how much I can fit into this small bag.

I call this the necessities. Wallets, phones, lip product, gum, keys and sunglasses. But the best part is that thanks The Ridge Wallet, James no longer has a bulky wallet and I have room for it in my crossbody along with everything else. The Ridge Wallet consists of an elastic track that gives the wallet its ability to expand and hold all your cash and as many cards as you need. The spring-steel money clip is another way this innovative wallet gets you to your cash easily but also securely, and the RFID blocking components on every wallet lets you travel worldwide with the confidence your cards and information is perfectly safe. 

Whenever we are going to run errands, visit parks and playgrounds or attend a local festival, I use this purse, filled full with the items shared above. It's nice not having a bag that's weighing me down yet still having everything we want and need on hand. Having room for two wallets is fantastic, especially since Jame's Ridge Wallet is so thin compared to his traditional leather tri-fold wallet.

Are you a fun of crossbody purses? Do you need to lighten your purse a bit? Share with me your favorite purse and/or must have items. If you are looking for a way for your guy to cut back on bulky wallets and lighten the strain on your shoulder when carrying their things, check out The Ridge Wallet. We are huge fans!

Disclaimer: The Ridge Wallet was kind enough to send us this wallet at no charge to us. However we only share items we know and love with you, our faithful readers. Happy shopping, friends! 

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