Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Currently | July Edition

This month I am co-hosting with Anne from Anne in Residence for her monthly "Currently" link-up. You're given 5 prompts to answer. It's pretty much the easiest blog post to write. Ever. Life is packed full right now so this type of "life lately" post is the perfect way for me to share life in a simple post. Join in, comment, link-up and meet new friends. You ready?


Documenting -- every day life more on the blog. I used to be so stuck on pin-worthy posts but have enjoyed getting back to my "blogging roots" and using this space as a family diary/baby book for Connor. I've been sharing more about me posts and life lately and I have to admit, those are quickly becoming my favorite posts to put together. 

Accomplishing -- more and more thanks to daily 6 AM wake-ups. I don't particularly like setting an alarm but the amount of tasks I can get down between 6 AM and the time Connor wakes up (usually around 8) is mind-blowing. 

Enjoying -- days spent doing whatever, with nowhere we have to be. Connor has 4 straight weeks of swim lessons (Monday thru Thursday each week) so it's been really nice having our schedule be a bit more open.

Reading -- Confessions of a Domestic Failure, We Were The Lucky Ones, and After You Left are the 3 books I'm aiming to start and finish this month. As of July 1st, I've read 26 books this year, putting me at 104% of my Goodreads reading goal

Spending -- as little time indoors as possible. I have been lovin' getting outside this Summer. It hasn't been as hot and humid as previous Summers. CJ and I have been taking walks each morning, spending time at parks and then on the weekends the family spends at least one afternoon at the pool. Summer has been really good to us so far this year.

Be sure to join me next month and share your currently responses to August's prompts: snacking (on), anticipating, borrowing, admiring, purchasing...

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