Friday, July 7, 2017

All Things Red, White & Blue

How is it Friday already? More specifically how has the first full week of July come and gone so quickly? This year is flying by! Before we know it, it's going to be Fall then Christmas then 2018. Time needs to slow down a bit. I'm certainly not ready for our busy season. With the 4th of July behind us, I want to share all things fun this week. How we spent the holiday with a few random highlights sprinkled throughout.


Last Saturday we packed up James's car and headed to a local park to camp. We traveled about an hour northeast to Deer Creek State Park. We camped for 3 full days, sleeping in a tent, in sleeping bags. While some are thinking "what in the world? why?" I am glad we do this once a year. It's a great way to just "be". Our family as a whole is pretty busy so 3 days "off the grid" is welcomed. Don't get me wrong, I would pick resort living over camping but it's something that I hope Connor looks back fondly on as an adult. We spent the holiday weekend mixing city life with campsite fun.

We took hikes, spotted wildlife, made s'mores, went putt-putt, slept in, watched a movie, drove through the country with our windows down and our music loud, soaked up some sun poolside and made countless memories. 


We were so tired from our camping trip that we spent the 4th prepping for the week ahead. We got home from the park, had lunch, unpacked, did laundry, watched TV, had dinner and CJ was in bed by 7:30 which is super early for him. James and I were in bed by 10 which is earlier than usual for us as well. While we didn't see a single firework, we heard them throughout the evening. Do I wish we would have watched a firework show? Sure! But we had a ton of fun just being home as a family of 3.


Dresses for the holidays is always fun but especially nowadays. I am feeling more and more comfortable in my body and for the first time in ages, enjoy shopping more than ever before. It doesn't hurt that I get to match CJ a bit. More than that, dressing for the 4th makes me eager to purchase and wear new, smaller size holiday clothing this Fall and Winter.


While camping we indulged a bit and had s'mores every single day. James and Connor prefer their marshmallows lightly toasted while I am a nearly burnt kind of gal. I am also a traditionalist in the fact that I want the "basics". Give me Hersey's chocolate over a Reese's Cup. So I have to know... how do you like your s'mores?


I don't think I have to remind any of you Mommas out there that the years go by so fast. When looking for photo on Facebook, I stumbled across this photo of Connor and I! It's our first 4th of July as parents. Connor had just turned 8 months old and in just 4 short months he will be 5. I often remind myself of how I need to soak up every moment but it's not till I see how big he has gotten in photos that I truly realize that babies don't keep.

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Here is what we shared this week on the blog in case you missed anything. I know the holidays are busy so if you didn't read Monday or Wednesday's posts, here they are...

Our weekend is a pretty low-key one with the exception of a festival we are going to tomorrow with my Mom and baby brother. Connor is so excited to spend time with 2 of his favorite people. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, too! 

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