Thursday, July 27, 2017

10 Free Ways to Up My Weight Loss

In February when I decided to join WeightWatchers and take back control over my body, I had one fear: that I would have to work-out to lose weight. Before someone thinks I hate working out, I don't. I do however have a bad habit of not doing it as much as I should. In 25 weeks, I've lost nearly 31 pounds thanks to eating healthier and being mindful of food choices. Most of my weight loss is because of the food I'm eating and nothing else. But with month 6 of my yearlong weight loss journey right around the corner, I am eager to focus on new ways to kick up my weight loss.
Each month, I financially invest in my weight-loss. I pay $44 a month to have access to online tools and weekly weigh-ins and meetings at my local WW office. With that monthly fee, I'm eager to find FREE ways to up my weight loss. Here are 10 things I want to put into practice in August, September and October. I'm looking at this as a 90 days challenge. 

1. Add veggies to every single meal. I recently had a broccoli and cheddar omelet and it was so tasty and something I never thought to make myself. Adding vegetables to my breakfast not only allows me to eat more because veggies are 0SP so I won't be using any additional points at the start of the day. 

2. Chug! Chug! Chug! Drinking water is key in weight loss. I go through spurts where I drink a ton and other times we I'll barely get in 50 ounces. I'm setting my goal at 90 ounces per day. 

3. Get more sleep. Try as I might, I cannot break myself of being a night owl. I go to bed between 11PM and midnight and wake up around 7 most days. I would love to be asleep by 11 and up at 6-7. When time falls back, I'd love to get that bedtime closer to 10. 

4. Eat the rainbow. I am aiming to try 1 new food a week. I have really branched out over the last 5 months but will fully admit I need to try harder to eat a variety of foods. With it still being Summer, I need to take full advantage of eating more seasonal fruits and veggies before I no longer have access to them. 

5. Just say no. To pizza. Y'all the struggle is real in our home. We are a pizza lovin' family like no other. We indulge once a week, sometimes twice. It's bad. While I don't have any desire to give up pizza, I think we (I!!) need to cut it back to a twice a month treat. 

6. Move it more. I want to switch up my exercise a bit, from just our morning walks, to WOD to my schedule. We recently purged our basement and I have plenty of space to work-out in. I can do this morning, noon or night, no matter what the weather or time limit I have. I'm eager to see the changes new moves bring to my body. 

7. Prepare! Meal planning is such breeze for me yet I don't do it much. I can meal prep a week full of breakfasts and lunches within an hour yet I don't then find myself starting at the fridge, wasting time.

8. Track every single day, August 1 to October 30. I track every meal with the exception for my cheat meal. I would like to start tracking those as well so that I can get an exact idea of where I stand on my caloric intake. I would like to know my daily calorie average for when I want to move from WW to something else (when that happens).  

9. Watch my sweet treat intake. I've been eating ice cream more than I care to admit. I use SmartPoints for it so it's accounted for but I'd like to try to use my "treats" in point friendly ways. Ice cream uses so many and I can get more food for less points if I was to sub ice cream for yogurt and fruit or something similar. 

10. Embrace the process. I don't know where I'll be at the end of October but I do know I'll be closer to my goal than I am today. More than anything, I want to give myself the grace to be human, to slip up, to enjoy food and to be "normal". I want my relationship with food to be less diet like and more lifestyle orientated. 

I am eager to see where I'll be at the end of October. I had additionally thought that I would be at my goal weight by the end of October but the numbers don't seem to be working out that way as of today. But with this 90-day challenge, I'm hopeful to be a bit closer to my goal. After all, I truly love the process and learning how to push my body in new, healthy ways. 

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