Monday, July 17, 2017

$10 at Target - Busy Hands, Sharp Minds

When shopping for this month's $10 at Target items I had one thing in mind: keep Connor busy! We are two-thirds of the way through Summer and while we've been pretty busy, we've also had our fair share of days spent at home. While we may be taking it "easy", Connor still requires a level of entertainment. But then again, don't most kids? This month's Target haul is dedicated to keeping Connor's hands busy and mind sharp.

I didn't make it past the Dollar Spot this month... yet again! Is it even called the Dollar Spot anyone? Whatever you call it, it's my favorite part of the store. The majority of all my monthly Target posts are fueled by my $1, $3 and $5 finds in this one section of the store. This month we scored...

Gel Window Clings = $2.00
Wooden Fireman Set = $3.00

Connor has put the gel window clings on everything! From windows to a cookie sheet to the fridge, he has loved mixing and matching these 2 sets. The fireman set was such a hit my friend Kristin scooped up 3 others for him. They remind me of something you'd get from Melissa & Doug. C has played "city" every day and it's so fun hearing his imagination at play.

Reading Discovery Books = $4.00

Connor loves learning about the solar system so that book was a must have! The other 3 are topics he isn't so much into but thanks to these quick readers, he has slowly starting loving all things dinosaurs and sea animals. What I love about this book is that they are similar to the "I Can Read" books that you can purchase from big chain bookstores minus the high price tags. 

Oh and this month, we were under budget! Which is a rarity because let's face, you go into Target for a handful of things and you walk out with a cart full of "have to have" items along with a lighter wallet.

Now it's your turn! Share with us your Target finds from this month! Join our party below!

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