Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Daily Dime {June 2017}

I started sharing day in the life post in the Summer of 2015. I've been doing these post quarterly as a way to document how quickly things change in our lives and how fast Connor grows and matures in a simple 3 months. Not to mention get 10-12 photos off my phone. Am I the only one who hoards photos on their phones?

When I read of a new monthly link-up titled Daily Dime shared by Sarah from Seeing All Sides, I knew I would be adding it to my blogging rotation. The Daily Dime has just 3 rules - snap 10 photos of a single day, put together a post and share. Easy peasy, right? Here is our first dose of the Daily Dime.

Before I move onto the photo dump, I am hoping these monthly photos will give me a chance to share the behind the scenes of our lives. I am horrible at doing weekend recaps (the last published one was over a year ago!) so this first Daily Dime came at the perfect time. I'm sharing this past weekend with you, Saturday to be exact. 

Coffee for me, tea for the Mister. With the help of you all on Instagram, I was able to figure out the perfect combination for my protein coffee. A double shot of espresso over ice in a venti cup then add my protein shake. Oh and it's so much cheaper than ordering an iced coffee. #doublewinning

We have to miss a swim class this week so we chose to make it up on Saturday. James was able to attend, which he doesn't during the week because it's at 2:30 and he is working. Connor loved showing his Daddy is new swim skills. 

James discovered this new to us shopping center about 40 minutes south of us. We really didn't have a need to go shopping but we wanted to check it out. We had lunch, enjoyed checking out new stores and found a way to get my Hanna Anderson fix filled without paying shipping. 

Connor was over the moon to discover a candy shop that carries his beloved candy corn. We may have spent the rest of the day on a sugar high but it was well worth it. 

Did you know Saturday was National Iced Tea Day? Us either. We visited DAVIDsTEA for the first time at Liberty Center and was blown away by how many different teas are available. I ordered Lemons Pound Cake and the Mister picked Honey-crisp Apple.

The shopping center has a fountain and Connor was given 4 pennies for making wishes. He was so sweet. He would bow his head, close his eyes and silently whisper his wishes. He hasn't told us any of them either; he has high hopes of them coming true. 

I have been actively taking more photos of James and I. We don't have many of us together so I set a goal for myself to take one a month. I have 2 so far in June so I'm doing pretty well, if I say so myself. 

I had plans to meet friends for dinner and the open air mall I went to had an event earlier that day, leaving behind pretty sidewalk art. It leaves me in awe of how artistic people are. I can't draw a straight line with you a ruler. #notkidding

In this picture, there are 2 Stephanie's and 2 Emily's. I've never had a Stephanie for a friend before but Steph (in light blue) is such a gem. Not only do we share a love for Elvis and have the same name, spelled the "right way", but she is such a real person and friend. Emily, the one with the baby belly, was in from Colorado so we made a point to get together. Bonus: it was her 30th birthday, too! 

I ended the night reading a book while James watched "Sully". I watched a bit of it, too, and have to say that Tom Hanks is one fantastic actor. Is there nothing he can't do? My favorite Hanks movie is, and always will be, Forest Gump. PS: I finished "Necessary Lies" this weekend and it's a must read! 

Saturday was a pretty busy day leaving us taking it easy on Sunday. We slept in, visited the pool for a few hours and then hung out at home before prepping for another busy week! 

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