Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer School {Book Edition}

In May, Connor wrapped up his second year of preschool. In the Fall, he will start Pre-K where he will go to school 5 days a week, 9:15-12:15. One thing James and I pride ourselves on is how much Connor loves to learn. He truly enjoys doing "homework" and being read to. I know that this won't always be the case so we make the very most of it while we can. One way I do that is to have daily "homework" time. On busy days, it's usually 30 minutes or less but when Connor is really in a good mood, we will work for an hour or more. Here are some of our favorite books to use to keep Connor's skills sharp.

There are 5 books total we will be working in this Summer. That doesn't include the numerous books we will be reading for fun this Summer as part of our local library's summer reading program. Here are each of our books, their themes, where you can get them and the cost.

First up is the Scholastic Pre-Kindergarten Jumbo Workbook - $9.99 at Target (here it is at Toys R Us for less than $8). I purchased mine in store at Target, online doesn't have it available. This book covers the alphabet, handwriting, world building, numbers and counting. A few of the other activities include spot the difference, list objects from smallest to biggest, what doesn't belong and so on. Connor loves this book because he gets a sticker for completing each page. When he completes the book, he will also get a certificate of completion.

Next is Usborne's Wipe-Clean 123 and Wipe-Clean First Words books - $7.99 each from Usborne Online. The First Word book allows children to trace over dotted letter-shapes again and again, helping develop pen-control and practice letter formation skills. Connor is slowly working through each letter. The 1-2-3 book is similar to the First Words book, allowing little ones the chance to learn how to write and form those tricky numbers. Connor has plenty of work to do on both and I like that these books wipe clean and we can use them over and over again. They are also perfect for on the go.

Finally, Connor has always been a fan of lift the flap books. Usborne had 2 fabulous ones that I picked up so that we can learn both about our world and basic words. Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers about Our World book ($14.99) has really answered so many "why?" questions from Connor. From will it snow to what's under the sidewalk to why the sky is blue, he has learned so much with this book. The other one we scored was Lift-the-Flap Word book ($13.99) which will allow Connor to start reading and recognizing common words. The book also prompts children to match pictures and words.

You know my love of reading runs deep and that's something I hope we can one day say for Connor as well. I know that boys aren't typically book lovers but I have to say that I feel Connor has what it takes. When I asked him which of the 5 books shared here was his favorite he quickly replied " My book of world facts!". He loves learning the how, why and what's about our world.

Now it's your turn. Share with us what you found this month at Target. Also, be sure to visit our new hosts. Our party has grown and we have a handful of new ladies sharing their Target love with us now!

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