Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hand-print Fish Craft

If there is one craft I will claim as a keepsake, it's one that includes a hand-print. I try to create a craft once a year with Connor's hands so that we have a his sweet little hands documented. When we picked "The Pout-Pout Fish" for this month's children's book I wasn't sure what we would do craft wise. But when Connor was playing shark in the pool this weekend the idea of using his hands to make fish was born. I love the outcome of our craft and as always, Connor made reading and craft time fun.

"The Pout-Pout Fish" book is one that we own and were eager to read again. Connor has grown out of many of his board books and as he says "baby books" so we've been going through our Scholastic books finding ones that he approves of. You know... "big boy" books. This was one of them. He loves all the Pout-Pout books so this was a craft he was eager to tackle.

It's really up to you on how you tackle this craft. We used sand to create the bottom of the ocean. Connor's hands were used to make our striped pink fish and hairy spotted green fish. Both a CJ original. Connor loves using the hole punch so we used it to create air bubbles. You can use whatever craft supplies you have on-hand to personalize your fish. I asked Connor to give me his signature fish face and he said he would be silly fish, not a pouting one.

Looking for additional fish themed books?
Here are 4 books that are perfect for your littlest readers.

Next month we are picking a "big boy" book. Moms, do you remember "The Magic School Bus" from when you were little? In July, we will be reading and sharing fun indoor water activities based on the book "The Magic School Bus: At The Waterworks".

Grab your copy of July's book and join us for some Summer fun with books and water! An unlikely duo, right? I'm excited to sure with you what we have planned for this book.

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