Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Favs: Friends, Blue Cars and Selfies

I know I've said it before... that I'm eager for it to be Friday but this time, I truly mean it. Today is "Papa comes home day!". James has been on a 14 days business trip and this Momma is ready to have her Mister home. Parenting solo is exhausting. I'm just tired thinking of all we've done in the last 2 weeks. But instead of focusing on that, I'm focusing on the fact that it's the weekend! Here are some random thoughts and weekly highlights!


My dear friend Nili is a military spouse/family. She just moved to Germany, as in Monday was here first day in her new home (country!). Nili and I have only been friends for a short 18 months but our bond is one that will last regardless of location. While I miss her so, I am excited to see her adventures as a resident of Germany. I am can truly say that my friendships as an adult are some of my most treasured. Nili Sunshine... miss you, love you. Just not enough for a hug!


I haw came to the conclusion that I spend 85% of my life in outfits that consist of workout pants/shorts, a comfy top and either tennis shoes or sandals. I should stop shopping all together because when given the chance I pick comfort over style. Between play dates, VBS, swim lessons and Mom life, I don't have much need for anything than what's shown here. Am I the only one? I will say I am working on a fashion post inspired by my last Stitch Fix box. So maybe there's hope yet.


While cleaning out Connor's iPad photo album, I discovered this photo of him and I am pretty sure I laughed so hard I was crying. He is full of such big expressions and this photos captures just that. This just may be on of my all-time favorite photos of CJ.


A friend is moving and is purging her kids things and when she offered this blue car for free I snagged it for Connor. He will probably only be able to use it this Summer before he is far too big for it but it's perfect for short strolls around the neighborhood. Connor has started referring to it as his blue car which matches my blue car. He took his first ride around the block in it very serious.


We were able to spend a few hours this week with our best girl, Macie. I love love love seeing these kids together. Macie has been a huge part of my life for nearly 7 years so it brings me joy to see her and Connor's relationship. They often fight like siblings but since they are each other's built in sister and brother, it's bound to happen. I am going to soak up every bit of the time we have together this Summer before she heads off to 1st grade.

Here is a recap of this week's post in case you've been just as busy as me and missed a few. Somehow I blogged a full 5 days this week. I haven't been able to pull that off in quiet some time. 

Thursday: 10 Daily Habits

Our weekend is full of plans which is par for the course this time of year for our family. But I can promise you one thing... this Momma is getting a well-deserved nap! Happy Friday, friends!

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