Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Currently | June Edition

I love a good "Currently" styled post. And when I stumbled across Anne's blog and link-up via Erin, I knew I wanted to join in. Life is packed full right now so this type of post is the perfect way for me to share life lately in a simple post. Join in, comment, link-up and meet new friends. You ready?


Planning -- family outings and ways to embrace Summer. It's officially here with warm days and late nights so we've been planning play dates, pool days and weekends filled with family fun and time with friends. 

Wishing -- I wish I was able to be a morning person. Like a wake-up at 6AM and start my day kind of person. But I'm such a night owl. With Connor going to bed a bit later, we stay up longer than usual. I think the first step in becoming a morning person is to set an alarm... am I right? 

Learning -- all I can about what a little one needs to know for Kindergarten. Connor still has a full year of Pre-K but I want to make sure he is prepared and focusing on the things that he needs to know for Kindergarten. We've been using this workbook and it's been such a fun way to teach without feeling like we are having "school" as Connor puts it. Ours was picked up from Target.

Browsing -- recipe sites and online forums for new WW meals to try. It's been 4 months since I joined Weight Watchers and I need some fresh ideas for snacks and meals that aren't full of carbs and dairy. I'm attempting to cut back on both this month. Lord help me!  

Going -- to 3 concerts this Summer, a camping trip, a road trip to my parents, a slumber party, a handful of birthdays and so on. Summer 2017 is shaping up to be a blast. 

Be sure to join me next month as I co-host with Anne for July's "Currently" post. Join us July 5th and share your answers to these prompts -- Documenting | Accomplishing | Enjoying | Reading | Spending...

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