Monday, June 26, 2017

14 Days of Summer - Take A Pic

With over 3,000 photos shared on Instagram, it's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of documenting our days via photos. One might think I'm never lacking photos to share but even I struggle with being creative on IG. While some keep their photos cohesive with bright colors, a lot of light or the most perfectly plated food, I tend to snap and share without much though. I'm a rebel like that.

One thing I love to do is host or join photo challenge. With each challenge, you are given a prompt for the day to share on IG with a particular hashtag. My best gal, Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls, and I have put together a Summer photo challenge that will get you snapping more photos this July, sharing patriotic fun like never before. Here's the challenge -- I hope you will join us!

I can't even tell you how excited I am to tackle these prompts and snap some photos. The best part is this challenge is only 14 days so it's an easy one to stick with, with no lengthily obligation.

When sharing your photos, be sure to use the hashtag #14DaysofSummer17 so that we can find your photos if we aren't already following you. If you aren't following Beth and I on IG let's remedy that.
Stephanie | @stephaniecox11

And if you are looking for more reasons to be patriotic this July look no further. I am co-hosting this year's Star Spangled Kids and am eager to incorporate our photo challenge with red, white and blue fun with my family. I was a host last year, too, so here's a look at the fun we had

Liz from Ellie And Addie Jen from And Hattie Makes Three Kristy from Seven Graces Blog Sarah from Seeing All Sides Brettni from Honeysuckle Avenue Whitney from Work It Mommy Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me Jessica from Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom

Save the prompts above and plan to join us starting Saturday! Happy snapping friends!

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