Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Good. The Bad. The Hard. The Results.

In March, I shared with you that I had started Weight Watchers. I recapped my first 6 weeks and shared my hopes for myself with the SmartPoints program. That post can be found HERE. I've been blown away by how many people have reached out to me, cheering me on, asking questions and just really supporting my efforts to live a healthier lifestyle. Many of you have asked for me to continue sharing my journey with Weight Watchers (WW) so that's what I'll be doing today. Each month, I plan to share the highs and lows, loses and gains along with other nuggets of information that I think would be beneficial to share. Here is what WW has been like for me over the last 16 weeks.

The quick answer is of course, I've lost weight. But with losing weight comes other positives. I've been able to go down a size, even 2 in some stores, and am able to wear jeans for comfortably for the first time in over 3 years. I know there's been clothing out there my size but I wanted to wear what was in my closet and thanks to leggings, maxis and yoga pants, dressing without zippers and buttons is so simple. I look forward to rocking jeans more this Fall when the temperatures provide us with "jean weather". My energy has been through the roof. I still get tired like any Momma but overall, I have more energy than ever thanks to a healthy balance diet.

The weekends are hard for me because our schedule isn't as strict as what Monday thru Friday is. Oftentimes, we dine out on the weekends and eating out can be tricky. My go to when eating out is usually a grilled chicken salad or chicken with a veggie and starch. I do have weeklies I can use and more times than not, those get used on the weekends. I don't know how much of a negative this is but I've been able to shed all my weight through diet and haven't really exercised. I'll take a walk a couple days a week or even aim to hit my weekly step goal (55,000 for May, going up to 65,000 in June). I am hoping to add workouts to my schedule in hopes of upping my weight loss in June, July and August.

Sometimes, I just want to give up. I do. I get that I've done so well over the last few months but there are moments when I don't want to count points, I just want to eat whatever I want and go about my merry way. However, I know that's what got me to the point of needing a program like Weight Watchers to begin with. When I started WW, I was at my heaviest weight... ever! I am now inching closer to my pre-pregnancy weight and that's what keeps me motivated. I often remind myself that this isn't a race. I'm not competing against anyone else. In my experience with my body and weight loss, I'm much more of a turtle than the hare. And I'm okay with that.

I have a weigh-in this morning and hope to hit -25. Be sure to check-in with me on Instagram where I'll share my loss (or gain) for the week. But to show you what a 20+ pounds weight loss looks like, here is my before photo and a photo from this weekend.

On average, I'm losing about 6 pounds a month. My goal is to lose 48 pounds. That puts me hitting my goal mid-October, beginning of November. I would love to hit my goal on November 1, which would be my 35th birthday (and it's a Wednesday, which is when I weigh-in). What a fantastic gift to myself!

I know that there are so many weight loss options out there and that you'll have no problem finding someone to sing the praise of each program. Weight Watchers is what has worked for me and it may or may not be the answer for you. I've started a Facebook group to help encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle. This group isn't Weight Watchers specific and it's free of sales pitches for prodcuts and services. I would love for you to join us: Live. Fully. Lifestyle GroupPlease keep in mind I'm not a nutritionist or doctor, just a Momma trying to get her groove back. If what you read above is of interest, feel free to reach to me or even consult your family doctor. As always do your own research and ask questions. Find what works for you!

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