Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Simple (EVEN FREE!) Summer Fun Ideas

Connor's last day of school was last Wednesday which means we will have roughly 14 weeks of Summer ahead of us. 14 WEEKS of do-any-thing-we-want of freedom. And that starts this week! As a family, we have a few things scheduled, one being a camping trip in July. When it comes to our daily schedule, I've been toying with the idea of a weekly schedule that gives us a bit of structure but also some freedom with how we spend our Monday - Friday time. Either way our summer is going to be filled with fun, most of it free!

During the Summer, I like for us to be up and out of the house between 9-10AM. We usually make it back home for lunch, spend some time at home and then head out again late afternoon, around 2-3 to run errands and go the grocery. I like to be back home by 4 each afternoon. This Summer I plan to stick to a weekly routine to help keep things scheduled but entertaining for CJ. Here is a rough idea of what I think we will do this Summer:

MONDAY - Park and Picnic
Connor loves the park and we love picnics. There are a handful of new to us parks that I'd love to visit over summer break. Once the heat arrives we won't be picnicking much so this is something we will be doing sooner than later.

TUESDAY - Splash Pad Day
Having lived in the land of splash pads (AKA Texas) we are huge fans of visiting new pads throughout the season. Splash pads are fun for Connor since he can enjoy them without having to worry about wearing his swimmers.

WEDNESDAY - Library Morning
Our favorite library has story-time throughout the Summer and we haven't been able to join since school started last Fall so we are excited to be able to join Ms. Jo and enjoy story-time again.

Nothing says summer like a day spend poolside. Friends of ours live right next to our pool of choice so I see many play dates happening with them and the pool in a few weeks. Bonus: the pool is located next to a park, perfect for a bit of play and maybe even a picnic.

FRIDAY - Free For All
Ideally I loved to use Friday to help prep for the weekend. Run errands, go to the grocery, meal plan and prep, do laundry and cleaning and visit friends, local kids indoor places and museums.

We don't have to stick to this 100% of the time and treat our weeks to a rigid schedule but maybe having a schedule like this available will prevent us from asking "What can we do today?". In addition to these plans, I am hoping to get in daily walks with our jogging stroller.

How do you keep your little ones entertained during the Summer? I am looking for budget friendly options. We will have a 2 week period mid-Summer that James is out of town so I'll need some extra ideas to keep Connor and I from losing our minds together.

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