Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mexico {Mister & Me Trip}

Either this month, the Mister and I spend 6 days in Mexico. Each year my husband's company has a work sponsored trip and this year we were given the opportunity to stay at an all-inclusive resort in Rivera Maya, Mexico. For 6 days we called Bahia Principe Akumal home.

This was the second time I had left Connor to travel out of the country, both times to travel to Mexico. While I missed my best guy, I love spending some one on one with my main man. Our trip was pretty much perfect and I am eager to one day have another "adult only" trip with James. Here is a look our trip. I'll share tons of photos followed by a few highlights of our time in Mexico.

Highlights and random thoughts about our trip...
  • We flew out so early but it was worth it. We were able to spend some time unpacking, touring the resort and relaxing before a busy week. 
  • The weather was perfect. We had plenty of sun but the evening were cool, which is my favorite time of Summer day. 
  • We had such good food at our disposal but I did well and tried to stick to WW friendly meals. I did have ice cream daily and it was delicious. 
  • On Wednesday, we went hiking at Mayan Ruins in Tulem, Mexico. The views were beautiful and the history of the ruins was amazing. 
  • James got sick and was out of commission for 36 hours. When he was sick, I spent the day reading in bed and swimming. I took walks as well but pretty much took it easy. 
  • I have to admit that we really caught up on our sleep while we were away. One morning I woke up at 10:47 AM! 
  • The last time we were in Mexico, travel was horrible but we got to and from the resort so easily this time. I get nervous when flying so anything that creates chaos doesn't really work well for me. 
  • I snorkeled with a friend and was able to swim with the most beautiful fish. It's something I want to experience again but with an underwater camera. 
While I missed Connor so much, I loved being able to focus on my husband and us. I would recommend for all parents to get away from their little ones. Maybe not leave the country away but even for a night or weekend. I loved that we could spend time together as a couple and not parents. I am already looking forward to our next chance. 

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