Friday, May 12, 2017

Little Letters | Volume 5

Happy Friday, friends! Today is the day I write letters to my husband, to Connor and friends, to people in places I've visited, to the thoughts in my head and everything in between. I'll be sharing a letter-filled post with you each month on the second Friday. I'd love for you to join me as I join Kristin from Taz and Belly for this fun new Friday link-up. As Kristin said they can be serious or silly, just cozy up with a cup of joe/tea/wine and share your thoughts in short letter form. Let's begin!

Dear Last Week of School,
How did you get here so quickly? Wednesday is C's last day of preschool, which means my baby boy is officially a Pre-K kid. HOW?!? While I don't like time passing by so quickly, I do love the idea of having Connor home each morning with me. More than anything, I'm eager to enjoy Summer with my guys. 

Dear Mexico,
You were magical. My skin is tan, my stress level is down and the time I got to spend one on one with the Mister is priceless. I look forward to seeing you again in 2 years. 

Dear Summer 2017,
You are shaping up to be packed full of fun. So much so I may just have to say this is going to be the best Summer yet for our little family. Between camping, concerts, plans with friends and every day moments, I am looking forward to the memories made. 

Dear Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go,
My entire family loves you. Connor the most but really, we are watch far too much of you yet have no desire to stop. We each have a favorite character and look forward to your new episodes on Friday. Anyone who thinks this show is too old for Connor, I don't really care. It's hilarious and provides CJ with such fun quotes to share throughout the day.

Dear Shopping Habit,
You need to check yourself. Just because you WANT something doesn't mean you NEED it. I see a spending freeze coming my way SOON (which is lame but needed badly). 

Dear May Weather,
Many in Ohio are complaining about how cool it is but between me and you, I couldn't ask for better weather. This week it was in the 60's and next week is filled with highs in the low 70's. This is exactly kind of weather that makes me a happy Ohioan. If you could carry-on like this for a bit longer, I would appreciate it. 

Dear Expensive Salon Shampoo and Conditioner, 
You do nothing for my hair. No wait, you do. You make my hair gummy and hard to style and manage. I'll stick to my Dove hair products and save myself the hassle of awful hair and wasting money. 

Dear James,
I had the best time with you on vacation. I hate that you "drank the Cuban water and got dysentery" but other than that, the time we spent together was perfection. I love you and am proud of all your hard work. My favorite memory of our trip is of you singing karaoke. Grease's "Summer Nights" was the perfect song. 

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Happy weekend, friends!

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