Thursday, May 11, 2017

How We Keep Things Tidy

I am slowly getting back into the swing of things post vacation. This week we've been focusing on getting unpacked along with cleaning the house up a bit. Lucky for me, I came home to a new shipment of my favorite cleaning products. Let me show you how I got this house back into shape and what cleaners I used to accomplish a tidy house post-vacation.

Three things we do daily, even multiple times a day sometimes, is wash dishes, clean off counters and sinks and wash our hands. I use 3 products for those tasks: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Soap, Dish Soap and Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner. My favorites scent for Spring and Summer is Lemon Verbena.

I've shared before we don't have a dishwasher so I tend to do the dishes twice a day. Once after breakfast and lunch and again after dinner. Mrs. Meyer's dish soup cuts through grease and gets our dishes so clean. I don't have to ever worry about stuck on food or harsh chemicals being used.

To keep our sinks clean and counters crumb free, I use the multi-surface cleaners. It's safe for nearly every flat surface in your home. I use each morning to wipe our our bathroom sinks because little ones often make big messes with the toothpaste. I love using it on my glass top stove, too, after preparing our meals. I have yet to find something this doesn't work on.

Just yesterday, I washed my hands 11 times! That's a ton of hand-washing. Connor washed his hands often, too, during the day so it's important we have a soap that's gentle on our hands. Nothing hurts worse than crack dry hands. The olive oil and aloe vera in the lemon verbena hand soup keeps our hands clean but also keeps them feeling soft. I also credit good hand-washing habits to why we've been so healthy lately. Germs be gone!

I mention I came home to a box of cleaning supplies. That's because I use Grove Collaborative for all my cleaning good, even basic hygiene items, too. Have you heard of Grove Collaborative. Yeah, they were new to me, too, until a reap from their company emailed me about their products and pricing. And now I'm completely hooked!

There are a company dedicated to providing families with safe household products, like the Mrs. Meyer's shared above. The best part is their pricing! It's the cheapest I've seen online or in stores. That's what got me hooked, their prices. I've heard great things about Mrs. Meyer's and other brands available at Grove but until I saw their prices compared to others, I wasn't so sure. But saving money is important to our one income family and Grove helps keep our cleaning supply costs down.

Right now, Grove Collaborative is offering a FREE Mrs. Meyer's hands soap plus a $10 credit towards your next purchase. Oh and be sure to check out their Bubble Up Dish Brush set! I love using it to quickly clean dishes at breakfast and lunch. It doesn't hurt that it's stylish, too.

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