Monday, May 15, 2017

Clearance Beauty Finds | Target Edition

When shopping for my $10 at Target this month, I was stuck as to what I wanted to splurge on. I love seeing all the bargains and clearance items others find so this month, I challenge myself to find at least 1 clearance item to treat myself to. Lucky for me, I found two!

I've shared my love of Essie polish before (read all about it HERE) so when I stumbled across an entire selection of marked down colors, I grabbed one I had been eyeing for a while: B'aha Moment! It's the perfect dark pink for me. It was 50% off so $4.48. On the same clearance rack was the GoverGirl mascara for just $1.91. I have been using the mascaras that come in my Ipsy bag and am about out so this was the perfect find. And for less than $2... #winning!

I had a few bucks let so I grabbed the St. Ives facial scrub. I've been using this scrub for nearly 20 years! It's my go to for fresh, soft skin. I recently picked up a new eye shadow and needed a smudge eye sponge for it so the $1 ELF brush was "needed". The product recommends using the sponge for application.

I went over this month by a little more than a buck but... it was Mother's Day weekend and well, Mommas don't have rules on Mothers' Day!

Now it's your turn. Share with us what you found this month at Target. Also, be sure to visit our new hosts. Our party has grown and we have a handful of new ladies sharing their Target love with us now!

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