Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Good. The Bad. The Hard. The Results.

In March, I shared with you that I had started Weight Watchers. I recapped my first 6 weeks and shared my hopes for myself with the SmartPoints program. That post can be found HERE. I've been blown away by how many people have reached out to me, cheering me on, asking questions and just really supporting my efforts to live a healthier lifestyle. Many of you have asked for me to continue sharing my journey with Weight Watchers (WW) so that's what I'll be doing today. Each month, I plan to share the highs and lows, loses and gains along with other nuggets of information that I think would be beneficial to share. Here is what WW has been like for me over the last 16 weeks.

The quick answer is of course, I've lost weight. But with losing weight comes other positives. I've been able to go down a size, even 2 in some stores, and am able to wear jeans for comfortably for the first time in over 3 years. I know there's been clothing out there my size but I wanted to wear what was in my closet and thanks to leggings, maxis and yoga pants, dressing without zippers and buttons is so simple. I look forward to rocking jeans more this Fall when the temperatures provide us with "jean weather". My energy has been through the roof. I still get tired like any Momma but overall, I have more energy than ever thanks to a healthy balance diet.

The weekends are hard for me because our schedule isn't as strict as what Monday thru Friday is. Oftentimes, we dine out on the weekends and eating out can be tricky. My go to when eating out is usually a grilled chicken salad or chicken with a veggie and starch. I do have weeklies I can use and more times than not, those get used on the weekends. I don't know how much of a negative this is but I've been able to shed all my weight through diet and haven't really exercised. I'll take a walk a couple days a week or even aim to hit my weekly step goal (55,000 for May, going up to 65,000 in June). I am hoping to add workouts to my schedule in hopes of upping my weight loss in June, July and August.

Sometimes, I just want to give up. I do. I get that I've done so well over the last few months but there are moments when I don't want to count points, I just want to eat whatever I want and go about my merry way. However, I know that's what got me to the point of needing a program like Weight Watchers to begin with. When I started WW, I was at my heaviest weight... ever! I am now inching closer to my pre-pregnancy weight and that's what keeps me motivated. I often remind myself that this isn't a race. I'm not competing against anyone else. In my experience with my body and weight loss, I'm much more of a turtle than the hare. And I'm okay with that.

I have a weigh-in this morning and hope to hit -25. Be sure to check-in with me on Instagram where I'll share my loss (or gain) for the week. But to show you what a 20+ pounds weight loss looks like, here is my before photo and a photo from this weekend.

On average, I'm losing about 6 pounds a month. My goal is to lose 48 pounds. That puts me hitting my goal mid-October, beginning of November. I would love to hit my goal on November 1, which would be my 35th birthday (and it's a Wednesday, which is when I weigh-in). What a fantastic gift to myself!

I know that there are so many weight loss options out there and that you'll have no problem finding someone to sing the praise of each program. Weight Watchers is what has worked for me and it may or may not be the answer for you. I've started a Facebook group to help encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle. This group isn't Weight Watchers specific and it's free of sales pitches for prodcuts and services. I would love for you to join us: Live. Fully. Lifestyle GroupPlease keep in mind I'm not a nutritionist or doctor, just a Momma trying to get her groove back. If what you read above is of interest, feel free to reach to me or even consult your family doctor. As always do your own research and ask questions. Find what works for you!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bring on Summer {Family Fun List}

With the school year over, we now have more time for more fun. Instead of going to school 3 days a week and attending MOPS every other Tuesday, we will be filling those days with play dates, visits to local museums, library visits and much more. Our weekends will be filled with just as much family fun as our weekdays. Connor is at an age that allows us to go and do more and I am really loving it. With that in mind, here is our "Bring on Summer 2017 Family Fun to Do List!".


1. Attend the movies with friends
2. Go to "Mad Scientist" Camp
3. Take a road trip
4. Discover a new park (or two)
5. Have a sleepover with Best Cousin Will
6. Attend a concert
7. Bake a sweet treat for friends
8. Attend VBS
9. Eat frozen yogurt
10. Learn to ride a bike
11. Go camping
12. Tackle home improvement projects
13. Have a water balloon or gun fight
14. Have dinner outside
15. Visit Boonshoft Museum  

16. Host a play date with friends
17. Enjoy a date night in June, July & August
18. Morning play on the deck
19. Send snail mail to preschool friends
20. Spend a day being lazy
21. Watch a movie outside
22. Have a family picnic
23. Take nightly family walks after dinner
24. Spend a weekend at home, taking it easy
25. Host a BBQ

26. Visit the Indy Childrens Museum
27. Go hiking
28. Attend Storytime
29. Spend the day in Grove City
30. Complete Summer Soccer Camp

I am so excited to work on our list of fun over the next 3 months. I've never been one to really enjoy summer (I'm not a fan of hot weather) but I am looking forward to making memories with my little family. 

What are your Summer plans? Vacations, staycation, visits with friends? Be sure to check out my 5 suggestions on how to have fun for FREE this Summer. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mexico {Mister & Me Trip}

Either this month, the Mister and I spend 6 days in Mexico. Each year my husband's company has a work sponsored trip and this year we were given the opportunity to stay at an all-inclusive resort in Rivera Maya, Mexico. For 6 days we called Bahia Principe Akumal home.

This was the second time I had left Connor to travel out of the country, both times to travel to Mexico. While I missed my best guy, I love spending some one on one with my main man. Our trip was pretty much perfect and I am eager to one day have another "adult only" trip with James. Here is a look our trip. I'll share tons of photos followed by a few highlights of our time in Mexico.

Highlights and random thoughts about our trip...
  • We flew out so early but it was worth it. We were able to spend some time unpacking, touring the resort and relaxing before a busy week. 
  • The weather was perfect. We had plenty of sun but the evening were cool, which is my favorite time of Summer day. 
  • We had such good food at our disposal but I did well and tried to stick to WW friendly meals. I did have ice cream daily and it was delicious. 
  • On Wednesday, we went hiking at Mayan Ruins in Tulem, Mexico. The views were beautiful and the history of the ruins was amazing. 
  • James got sick and was out of commission for 36 hours. When he was sick, I spent the day reading in bed and swimming. I took walks as well but pretty much took it easy. 
  • I have to admit that we really caught up on our sleep while we were away. One morning I woke up at 10:47 AM! 
  • The last time we were in Mexico, travel was horrible but we got to and from the resort so easily this time. I get nervous when flying so anything that creates chaos doesn't really work well for me. 
  • I snorkeled with a friend and was able to swim with the most beautiful fish. It's something I want to experience again but with an underwater camera. 
While I missed Connor so much, I loved being able to focus on my husband and us. I would recommend for all parents to get away from their little ones. Maybe not leave the country away but even for a night or weekend. I loved that we could spend time together as a couple and not parents. I am already looking forward to our next chance. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Simple (EVEN FREE!) Summer Fun Ideas

Connor's last day of school was last Wednesday which means we will have roughly 14 weeks of Summer ahead of us. 14 WEEKS of do-any-thing-we-want of freedom. And that starts this week! As a family, we have a few things scheduled, one being a camping trip in July. When it comes to our daily schedule, I've been toying with the idea of a weekly schedule that gives us a bit of structure but also some freedom with how we spend our Monday - Friday time. Either way our summer is going to be filled with fun, most of it free!

During the Summer, I like for us to be up and out of the house between 9-10AM. We usually make it back home for lunch, spend some time at home and then head out again late afternoon, around 2-3 to run errands and go the grocery. I like to be back home by 4 each afternoon. This Summer I plan to stick to a weekly routine to help keep things scheduled but entertaining for CJ. Here is a rough idea of what I think we will do this Summer:

MONDAY - Park and Picnic
Connor loves the park and we love picnics. There are a handful of new to us parks that I'd love to visit over summer break. Once the heat arrives we won't be picnicking much so this is something we will be doing sooner than later.

TUESDAY - Splash Pad Day
Having lived in the land of splash pads (AKA Texas) we are huge fans of visiting new pads throughout the season. Splash pads are fun for Connor since he can enjoy them without having to worry about wearing his swimmers.

WEDNESDAY - Library Morning
Our favorite library has story-time throughout the Summer and we haven't been able to join since school started last Fall so we are excited to be able to join Ms. Jo and enjoy story-time again.

Nothing says summer like a day spend poolside. Friends of ours live right next to our pool of choice so I see many play dates happening with them and the pool in a few weeks. Bonus: the pool is located next to a park, perfect for a bit of play and maybe even a picnic.

FRIDAY - Free For All
Ideally I loved to use Friday to help prep for the weekend. Run errands, go to the grocery, meal plan and prep, do laundry and cleaning and visit friends, local kids indoor places and museums.

We don't have to stick to this 100% of the time and treat our weeks to a rigid schedule but maybe having a schedule like this available will prevent us from asking "What can we do today?". In addition to these plans, I am hoping to get in daily walks with our jogging stroller.

How do you keep your little ones entertained during the Summer? I am looking for budget friendly options. We will have a 2 week period mid-Summer that James is out of town so I'll need some extra ideas to keep Connor and I from losing our minds together.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Momma Love Fellowship Goodies

When Justine of Little Dove Blog announced her Momma Love Fellowship swap, I was eager to join in. I love Justine's heart and her sense of community among blogging Mommas. Justine partnered me with Emily of Three Boys and a Girl. Emily and I both live in a world of all things boy. I was excited to shower her with some gifts as well as receive some from Emily. My Momma Love goodies were fantastic - THANK YOU Emily for spoiling me!

Every single item Emily sent to me was perfect! The more I discovered, the more excited I became. She went all out and really outdid herself. Here is a full list of what she sent me along with my two cents on each one...

24 oz. Bubba Cup - I am pretty sure James rolled his eyes when he noticed I had a new cup. I have a slight, okay... huge problem with buying cups like this. But thanks Emily, I have a new one to drink from. Which reminds me... I gotta up my water intake.

Get Sassys flour sack towel - None of my yoga pants have actually been to yoga is pretty much the most perfect towel for me. I'ts 100% true.

US Weekly - It's been so long since I've bought a magazine that I was a little giddy to see this in the box. I love celebrity gossip and drama. I read this while watching in the preschool pick-up.

Blank Notecards - Surprisingly so, I didn't have this set of stationary. I have far too many boxes of cards thanks to the Dollar Spot. But I use them often so I'm glad to have extras on hand.

SheaMoisture Masks - I am not one to usually give myself  a facial or use a mask, I don't really make time for them BUT these 2 new masks reminded me that I had picked up others and need to put all 4 to use soon.

Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel Seasoning Blend - This is a must have item in the WW community. It takes bland (low calorie) foods and adds tons of flavor without adding points. I haven't tried it yet but have a handful of recipes pinned that I want it it on.

Pineapple Straws - I mean... what's more Summery than pineapples? This will make drinking my water and diet teas a bit more festive this season.

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups - I was a bit upset to get these because I was worried they would be so many points. But I've treated myself to one a day and it's just the right amount of sweet for me. I am glad I wasn't sent the bucket option. That could have been bad!

Emily, thank you again for sending such a fantastic goodie box. I have loved getting to know you via Momma Love Fellowship.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favs: Graduation, Sunscreen and Baseball Blues

Holy busy May! How is May nearly over? I was blaming the fast paced month on vacation but if I'm being honest, it seems to be going by faster and faster each and every week. Our weekend is packed full and I am actually looking forward to Monday, which provides us with a chance to breath. I have so much to share since it's been a full month since I've shared a Friday Favorites. Here is this week's highlights and random thoughts.


Connor's last day of school was yesterday. The theme for this year's graduation was "Oh, The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss. This was CJ's second year of preschool, with the same two teachers. Connor loves school and we've never had any issues with him not wanting to go. He is eager to attend, mostly so that he can visit with his friends. He is quiet the social butterfly. Next year he will have a new set of teachers in a new classroom and he is super eager to start school. I hope he doesn't ask to go to school all Summer long; that would make for a long 3 months!


Now that we are officially on Summer break, it's time to gather up our favorite Summer items. Connor is obsessed with bubbles and we go through more than our fair share. He has started wearing sunglasses since I don't have the ability to turn down the sun. Both of those items I snagged from Target. Block Island sunscreen was sent to us by our friend Kelly from Block Island Organics. We love this SPF! It's non-greasy, light-weight with no artificial fragrances. It's perfect for an hour of backyard play. It's not only ideal for Connor but for me, too. I can wear it under my make-up thanks to it's matte finish. Visit their site, snag some sunscreen and check out their entire line of products free of gluten, dyes and artificial fragrances.


Mommas, I love love love The Magic of Motherhood! Each chapter has me shaking my head yes because each and every one of these tales of motherhood I relate with. The encouragement within these pages is very similar to what you would expect from your best girlfriends. I've laughed, I've cried, I've grieved throughout each chapter. Motherhood is quiet the ride so when you can read a book filled with honest stories that you could have told yourself, you know it's a great read*.


On Tuesday, I joined my friend Lindsey for a night of 90's music. We got to spend the evening with Boyz II Men, Paula Abdul and THE New Kids on the Block. It's pretty much every child of 80's dream come true. Boyz II and NKOTB were fantastic. Paula has amazing dance skills but was lip syncing the entire show was a bit of a letdown. My favorite New Kid is Jonathan Knight. I don't know why but I've always loved that he was more reserved and quiet. During a break we looked up the band on Google and I was a bit surprised to see that some of the members are nearing 50!


Y'all baseball is not going well. Connor just doesn't enjoy it like he does soccer, which I have to admit doesn't bother me. We signed him up for a 5 week baseball program and I am eager to wrap it up on the 31st. He just doesn't love it like I had hoped. He enjoys running the bases but catching, batting and throwing is a whole other story. I am fine with us not being a baseball family. We will stick to soccer and swimming.

Our weekend is packed full. Today is the only day we don't have plans but that just leaves me with the time I need to get the house together. Tomorrow we have a swim evaul for CJ at Aqua Tots, a birthday party and then I'm going to another concert with my sister-in-law. Sunday we have church, a grad party and then a graduation ceremony. So... we shall rest on Monday!

In case you missed any of my post from earlier this week, here they are:
Monday: Clearance Beauty Finds | Target Edition
Tuesday: How to Grow a Friend | Simple Cheerio Craft
Thursday: Quick & Simple Low Sugar Snack Options For Busy Moms

*I received our book for free from BookLook Bloggers
However our love of reading and sharing new books with you is all our own.
#bookworms unite!

Enjoy your weekend, friends! 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Quick & Simple Low Sugar Snack Options For Busy Moms

In the last 13 weeks, I've really focused on eating healthier, trying my hardest to make smart food decisions when eating. Snacking is often were I get tripped up with SmartPoints. If you don't know what I'm referring to, SmartPoints are part of my Weight Watchers plan. You can read more here. When you think of snacks, you probably think of easy grab and go items. These processed items are often really high in points thanks to the amount of sugar in the item. Sugar is one area that is hard for me to handle; I'm very much a sweet over salty person. With that in mind, I put together a basket full of snacks and quick meals for when I don't have a lot of time on my hands or need a sugar fix.

For reference, I get 30 SmartPoints a day. This has allowed me to loss 20+ pounds over the last 3 months. But because I'm human, I still have moments when I need something sweet, maybe even downright unhealthy. It's all about balance. My goal each day is to have 3 meals with 2 small snacks. This keeps me full and allows me to have the energy I need keep up with our 4.5 year old. Here are some of my favorite snack and meal options/combos that allow me to have a bit of sugar without having to sacrifice my daily points or experience a sugar high/crash.

Trader Joe's Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins - 9 cookies for 7SP
Kroger Caramel Flavored Mini Rice Cakes - 8 mini cakes for 1SP
Quaker Instant Oatmeal Honey & Almonds - 1 container for 6SP
Special K Nourish Bites Blueberry Almond Quinoa - 6 pieces for 7SP
BelVita Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits - 1 package for 8SP
Wether's Original Sugar Free Caramel Candies - 5 candies for 1SP
Emerald 100 Calorie Coco Roast Almonds - 1 pack for 3SP
Diet Snapple Single Tea Packets in Peach and Raspberry - 1 serving for 0SP

Not pictured is fruits and veggies, which is a great snack and most are 0SP. Often times, I pair a 0SP fruit and veggie with one of the items listed above. The higher point items are usually used for a quick breakfast - oatmeal, nourish bites and breakfast biscuits. I pair those with a banana or apple most school mornings. I try to limit my soda and coffee so when I want a beverage with flavor the Diet Snapple packets really help me out. When I want a treat, I dig into my TJ cookies but at 7SP a serving, I typically limit myself to 3-4 which lowers the point value of this splurge.

What are your go to snack options? Share with me any you love and often enjoy. Don't worry about point value, I'm pretty good with making things work if I want it bad enough.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How to Grow a Friend | Simple Cheerio Craft

I'm not sure how it happened but Connor is a flower lovin' guy. He doesn't get this from me. Don't get me wrong, I love receiving flowers. But if it's not a green plant, I kill it. Flowers don't stand a chance around me. But Connor? Give him all the flowers. When we sat down to plan our activity to this month's children book, I knew CJ would love anything we picked since the book is full of colorful bouquets. He told me he wanted to make pretty flowers with paint. So that's what we did. We used "How to Grow a Friend" as our compass and created flowers that even I can keep alive!

How to Grow a Friend is the sweetest book. A lovely metaphor teaches valuable lessons in how to treat others and make friendships blossom! Making a friend takes patience, care, and room to bloom - just like growing a flower. Soon your little gardeners will have their very own green thumbs for this most important of life skills. And I have to say, this book isn't for just little ones. As a grown-up I was reminded of what qualities it takes to be a good friend. Such a gentle push for me to be better with nourishing friendships as an adult. 

Like I mentioned before, Connor wanted to create flowers. I decided to think outside the (cereal) box and used cheerios to create flowers that Connor could paint. The end result was a cute, yet simple craft that fit perfectly with our book this month.

The craft itself is pretty straight forward but to help you get from point A to point B, here is what we did. Connor glued the center of the flower down (the button heart) and then created the flower by gluing cheerios around the button. While those dried, he drew the stems, leaves and the angry sun (I don't know... he said it was angry). He then painted the tops of the cheerios using washable paint. We allowed it all to dry for a few hours before putting it on display. Easy enough, right? And super cute!

Next month we are going to be reading a favorite, The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen. I don't know how many times we've read this book and the others in the Pout-Pout collection. But we've never created a craft based on the story so this should be a fun one of us! Jess and I would love to have you join us for June's children's book club. We give you the book, you pick which craft, food, project you complete based on the story/theme of the book. Anything goes!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Clearance Beauty Finds | Target Edition

When shopping for my $10 at Target this month, I was stuck as to what I wanted to splurge on. I love seeing all the bargains and clearance items others find so this month, I challenge myself to find at least 1 clearance item to treat myself to. Lucky for me, I found two!

I've shared my love of Essie polish before (read all about it HERE) so when I stumbled across an entire selection of marked down colors, I grabbed one I had been eyeing for a while: B'aha Moment! It's the perfect dark pink for me. It was 50% off so $4.48. On the same clearance rack was the GoverGirl mascara for just $1.91. I have been using the mascaras that come in my Ipsy bag and am about out so this was the perfect find. And for less than $2... #winning!

I had a few bucks let so I grabbed the St. Ives facial scrub. I've been using this scrub for nearly 20 years! It's my go to for fresh, soft skin. I recently picked up a new eye shadow and needed a smudge eye sponge for it so the $1 ELF brush was "needed". The product recommends using the sponge for application.

I went over this month by a little more than a buck but... it was Mother's Day weekend and well, Mommas don't have rules on Mothers' Day!

Now it's your turn. Share with us what you found this month at Target. Also, be sure to visit our new hosts. Our party has grown and we have a handful of new ladies sharing their Target love with us now!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Little Letters | Volume 5

Happy Friday, friends! Today is the day I write letters to my husband, to Connor and friends, to people in places I've visited, to the thoughts in my head and everything in between. I'll be sharing a letter-filled post with you each month on the second Friday. I'd love for you to join me as I join Kristin from Taz and Belly for this fun new Friday link-up. As Kristin said they can be serious or silly, just cozy up with a cup of joe/tea/wine and share your thoughts in short letter form. Let's begin!

Dear Last Week of School,
How did you get here so quickly? Wednesday is C's last day of preschool, which means my baby boy is officially a Pre-K kid. HOW?!? While I don't like time passing by so quickly, I do love the idea of having Connor home each morning with me. More than anything, I'm eager to enjoy Summer with my guys. 

Dear Mexico,
You were magical. My skin is tan, my stress level is down and the time I got to spend one on one with the Mister is priceless. I look forward to seeing you again in 2 years. 

Dear Summer 2017,
You are shaping up to be packed full of fun. So much so I may just have to say this is going to be the best Summer yet for our little family. Between camping, concerts, plans with friends and every day moments, I am looking forward to the memories made. 

Dear Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go,
My entire family loves you. Connor the most but really, we are watch far too much of you yet have no desire to stop. We each have a favorite character and look forward to your new episodes on Friday. Anyone who thinks this show is too old for Connor, I don't really care. It's hilarious and provides CJ with such fun quotes to share throughout the day.

Dear Shopping Habit,
You need to check yourself. Just because you WANT something doesn't mean you NEED it. I see a spending freeze coming my way SOON (which is lame but needed badly). 

Dear May Weather,
Many in Ohio are complaining about how cool it is but between me and you, I couldn't ask for better weather. This week it was in the 60's and next week is filled with highs in the low 70's. This is exactly kind of weather that makes me a happy Ohioan. If you could carry-on like this for a bit longer, I would appreciate it. 

Dear Expensive Salon Shampoo and Conditioner, 
You do nothing for my hair. No wait, you do. You make my hair gummy and hard to style and manage. I'll stick to my Dove hair products and save myself the hassle of awful hair and wasting money. 

Dear James,
I had the best time with you on vacation. I hate that you "drank the Cuban water and got dysentery" but other than that, the time we spent together was perfection. I love you and am proud of all your hard work. My favorite memory of our trip is of you singing karaoke. Grease's "Summer Nights" was the perfect song. 

Little Letters Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3 | Volume 4

Happy weekend, friends!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

How We Keep Things Tidy

I am slowly getting back into the swing of things post vacation. This week we've been focusing on getting unpacked along with cleaning the house up a bit. Lucky for me, I came home to a new shipment of my favorite cleaning products. Let me show you how I got this house back into shape and what cleaners I used to accomplish a tidy house post-vacation.

Three things we do daily, even multiple times a day sometimes, is wash dishes, clean off counters and sinks and wash our hands. I use 3 products for those tasks: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Soap, Dish Soap and Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner. My favorites scent for Spring and Summer is Lemon Verbena.

I've shared before we don't have a dishwasher so I tend to do the dishes twice a day. Once after breakfast and lunch and again after dinner. Mrs. Meyer's dish soup cuts through grease and gets our dishes so clean. I don't have to ever worry about stuck on food or harsh chemicals being used.

To keep our sinks clean and counters crumb free, I use the multi-surface cleaners. It's safe for nearly every flat surface in your home. I use each morning to wipe our our bathroom sinks because little ones often make big messes with the toothpaste. I love using it on my glass top stove, too, after preparing our meals. I have yet to find something this doesn't work on.

Just yesterday, I washed my hands 11 times! That's a ton of hand-washing. Connor washed his hands often, too, during the day so it's important we have a soap that's gentle on our hands. Nothing hurts worse than crack dry hands. The olive oil and aloe vera in the lemon verbena hand soup keeps our hands clean but also keeps them feeling soft. I also credit good hand-washing habits to why we've been so healthy lately. Germs be gone!

I mention I came home to a box of cleaning supplies. That's because I use Grove Collaborative for all my cleaning good, even basic hygiene items, too. Have you heard of Grove Collaborative. Yeah, they were new to me, too, until a reap from their company emailed me about their products and pricing. And now I'm completely hooked!

There are a company dedicated to providing families with safe household products, like the Mrs. Meyer's shared above. The best part is their pricing! It's the cheapest I've seen online or in stores. That's what got me hooked, their prices. I've heard great things about Mrs. Meyer's and other brands available at Grove but until I saw their prices compared to others, I wasn't so sure. But saving money is important to our one income family and Grove helps keep our cleaning supply costs down.

Right now, Grove Collaborative is offering a FREE Mrs. Meyer's hands soap plus a $10 credit towards your next purchase. Oh and be sure to check out their Bubble Up Dish Brush set! I love using it to quickly clean dishes at breakfast and lunch. It doesn't hurt that it's stylish, too.