Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What We're Reading Wednesday - Mommy & Me Edition

Happy "What We're Reading Wednesday" friends. For those of you who are new to my blog or this link-up here are the details. WWRW happens the first Wednesday of the month. This once a month link-up allows others to share what they've been reading, what books they've been reading to or with their children, what books their spouses have been enjoying and so on. Books, online articles, blog posts all count as a WWRW item so be sure to join us and share what you've been reading so others can discover something new to add to their reading list. 
I didn't get the chance to share what books I read in March since we were on vacation. I read 3 books last month and all where completely different and must reads! I don't want to leave those out so I am going to do a quick rundown... 

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood 
I loved this dark and twisted read. It has some very sad, heavy topics in it but if you know my taste in books you know I like to read heavier topics. Never in my life have I read a book that made me feel as uncomfortable as this one managed to. Gritty, raw and wrong on so many levels; it brought up feelings I wasn’t prepared for. The ending was perfect. I would recommend this to anyone but keep in mind there are deep stories that make you questions the morals of many. 

Home Front by Kristin Hannah 
As always I love Hannah's work. Home Front made me cry big ugly tears throughout the book. Reading this book as a Mom will make anyone cry. This story broke my heart but it was so well-written. I couldn't put it down. It really put into perspective the sacrifices military families make for our country every day.

All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda
I never saw the ending of this book coming. I was so caught up in the story that each time a new bit of information was dropped, I was completely blown away. What made me pick this book from so many on my self was that it was told in reverse - who writes a thriller in reverse? The result was a twisted and very addictive story, one that took me completely by surprise. 

Here are the books that I'm currently reading and plan to read this month along with some new books Connor has been loving lately.

I am still working my way through The Hypnotist's Love Story. I haven't had a book that was so hard to finish in such a long time. I actually can't think of a story that drug on like this one. But I'm at the halfway mark so I have high hopes things will start improving. Overall, I feel like this a book you could skip. 

Our book club is reading The Forgetting Time and I am eager to start it. The reviews are fantastic and I was told that it's similar to Jodi Picoult's Leaving Time which I love and would suggest to anyone who wants to fall in love with a tragic story. 

Now on to Connor. We've been trying to squeeze in more reading time lately and the one time of day that Connor seems to love the most is at bed time. With that in mind I went looking for books that would either a) be chapter books or b) have multiple stories within one. Lucky for us, I found far more than we needed. 

5 Minute Tales: Stories for Boys (I bought this at a second-hand book store for less than $7) has been such a hit with Connor. He loves hearing the stories and knows that each night we read 2 stories. Connor loves the mischief the little guys get into in each story. We like the layout of the books so much that I went looking for more. 

Along with our bedtime stories we have found a new Berenstain Bears book to read over and over again. I remember reading the story of Brother and Sister Bear when I was younger so I adore reading these same stories to Connor. Bless Our Pets* is such a sweet story. In the newest Berenstain Bear Living Lights title, Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear love their pets Little Lady, Gracie, Swish, and Cutsie … they are just like part of the Bear family. So when Preacher Brown holds a special Blessing of the Pets service on Sunday, the Bear family joins in. But what starts as a peaceful gathering of Bear Country neighbors and their animal friends on the lawn of the Chapel—including dogs, cats, rats, goats, and even a snake or two—ends up needing a little heavenly intervention. *I received our book for free from BookLook Bloggers. However our love of reading and sharing new books with you is all our own. #bookworms unite!

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