Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"The Tiny Seed" Flower Craft & Field Trip

April Showers bring May Flowers is how the saying goes. But thanks to our love of reading and Spring, we've ushered in the flowers a bit early this year. Connor has been learning about plants and nature at school this month so I wanted that to be something we focused at home, too. I went to the library and started my search for garden, nature and flower books. It wasn't long till I found the perfect book to read this month -- Eric Carle's "The Tiny Seed".

Have you read Carle's "The Tiny Seed"? The story is such a beautiful one that moves through the life cycle of a seed. Carried aloft by the autumn wind, the tiny seed, along with other bigger seeds, travels far over the world. the journey is perilous: one of the bigger seeds is burned by the sun; another falls into the ocean; still another is eaten by a bird. Even after those that are left have landed on fertile ground and begun to grow, danger is near: one small plant is stepped on; one little flower is picked; but the tiny seed keeps growing almost unnoticed. Young readers will cheer at the happy outcome of this exciting tale. And they will long remember the heartening message of the tiny seed's steadfast perseverance in the face of many hazards and obstacles until its final joyful success.

This book provided Connor, James and I a ton of fun. Not only did we complete a craft, but we took a family trip to Lowe's for a few items for my succulent plant, a flower gift for Mammaw and some items for some home improvement projects. 

I needed to replant by succelent so Connor helped with that while James tackled a project in the basement. Once we finished that, we moved inside and Connor started making flowers of his own. This craft and the material needed are quiet simple; I'll let the photos example the steps.

Supplies needed - white, green, yellow and blue construction paper, twine or brown yarn (roots) glue, scissors Q-tips and paint with paint dish.

Connor had so much fun creating his own flower, starting at the root and working his way up. Along the way I would ask "what's next?" and he would think about it before shouting out "leaves" "flowers" "the sun". As an added element of fun I gave CJ a short quiz and had him label the parts of the flower.

This craft was so simple and one that I just kind of throw together based on the items we had on our craft shelf. I think it was a great way to bring what Connor is learning at school into our play time at home. Along with "The Tiny Seed" we read a handful of other plant themed books this month ...

It's a lot of fun putting story and craft time together for Connor. I try to do it at least once a month. I would love to do it much more but with school 3 days a week, MOPS and swim lessons our down time is limited. Not to mention it's hard to get Connor to sit still long enough to craft. Reading? He loves! Crafting? We are working on enjoying more of as a busy body 4 year old.

These book club post are going to be a monthly occurrence because as this week, I am the new co-host of the Children's Book Club. Jess from Secrets of a SAHM asked me to join her and you all my book lovin' heart couldn't say no! Be sure to grab our new button and join us next month as we read and share crafts, food and overall fun activities all about the book "How to Grow a Friend" by Sara Gillingham.

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