Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Springtime Goals | March Recap & April Goals

As I sat down to put together our goal list for this month I realized that this is our last goal post before we start thinking about Summer. How is that possible? Connor has just 19 days of preschool left, which will leave us with our days open and memories to be made. Before we move right into Summer, let's talk about our Springtime goals, shall we?

Last month I put together a no goal fun list to focus on since March was full of vacation - our trip to Disney and Spring Break. I have to say a fun list was the best idea I had because we did more last week/month than we have in quiet some time. I listed 6 fun tasks for us to enjoy and we accomplished every.single.one! 

Hit my 10 pound weight loss goal
Have 2 play dates with friends
Enjoy a date night with dinner and a concert
Discover a new park
Papa and Connor Day

Last week was full of many of these activities. By Friday I was exhausted, as was Connor. We ended up taking the weekend a little slower which I think helped us more than we realized this morning as today was our first day back to our "normal school day" schedule.

Here is what we have planned for April. I'm thinking less work and more fun! 

Enjoy dinner at Young's Dairy
See a movie at the drive-in

Fitness & Health
Hit -20 pounds by April 26
Earn 5+ FitPoints Daily 

Treat myself to a mani & pedi
Celebrate 9 years with a date night

Start swim lessons
Have lunch with friends

Meal prep Sunday evenings
Continuing purging

When I asked Connor want he wanted to do this month I was surprised that he picked something as simple as have lunch with friends. But that shouldn't surprise me because he loves spending time with his friends. April should bring with it the chance to be outside more. I'm hoping we get plenty of sunny days so we can get outside. There is nothing I love more than exploring with my crew. 

Are you still focused on those goals and New Year's resolutions you created for yourself? Many of us go through a slump this time of year when it comes to goals but I would love to check-in with you to see how your goals are going. Let me know if the comments below what you are working on this month. 

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