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Mommy & Me Week | Spring Day in the Life

Last Summer I decided I wanted to do quarterly day in the life style posts. These can be either loved or hated by readers because of all the details that can go into them but as a mom blogger who uses their blog as their child's baby book, they are a must. So with all that in mind, I started sharing a day in the life with you all and it's been fun sharing every day life. Here are the recaps of Summer 2015Winter 2016Summer 2016Fall 2016 and Winter 2017And now, here is a typical Spring day when I'm solo parenting.

Many ask how I survive solo parenting. I often want to shrug my shoulders and say "I just do" but really, I've mastered parenting by myself. As Connor has gotten older, it's actually gotten much easier. Toddlers are way less work than infants. This is pretty much what a normal Thursday looks like for us since Connor doesn't have school those days and our schedule is a bit more relaxed. Also the photos included in today's posts are straight from my phone so they are as unedited as they come.

The night before Connor and I both went to bed early so I set my alarm for 6:00 so that I can get a jump on the day. I do a few things upstairs and then at 6:24 head downstairs. Connor is still sleeping and will probably sleep for another another hour or so. This leaves me time to clean up a bit and do any blog work I want to do. I've been trying to blog when C is sleeping or at school as to not eat up our time together online.

I don't like clutter and disorder and that's what I woke up to. I decided that I would clean the living room and dining room table. I know that it's going to be a mess by the end of the day but at least this way it's a mess I can handle. We aren't going to be home a lot this day so I don't want to have a mess waiting on me after C goes to bed.

I prep chili for lunch for me for the entire week. I like not having to think about lunch and anything I can toss in the crockpot is a win in my book. If I don't make my shredded taco chicken, I make chili. Bonus points for it being made with Aldi products making it a super cheap lunch for me for 5 total days.

Around 7:20 I hear a noise and look in the living room to discover Connor is up and has grabbed his iPad. I tell him to pause it that he needs to go upstairs potty, brush his teeth and get dressed for the day. We make breakfast and I let him watch a show on his computer while I do a few more things around the house.

We have a play date at 9:30 so I jump in the shower and get ready for the day. While I'm getting ready Connor finishes breakfast and plays with toys in the living room. I have been making more of an effort to do my hair and makeup so this morning, I succeed.

We head to MOPS for our drive-in movie. We bring the movie of choice "Moana". This is one of my favorite play dates. It's a great way to let the little ones play a bit while the Mommas chit chat.

Connor has a rocket ship car with the best personalized license plate ever: WANTHUGS. I asked him what he wanted it to say and he quickly replied "Want free hugs?". This kid is the best.

After our play date we have a bit of time till we need to head home for lunch. I try to keep our meals at the same time so that Connor eats well when food is given. Lunch for us is around 1PM. To eat up a bit of time, we go through the car wash. Which wasn't planned very well because it later stormed like crazy that evening.

We make a quick top at the library to pick up a few requests I have waiting for me. While I browse the shelves, Connor plays in the story corner. He is the only child there this afternoon so I allow him to play for 15 minutes before packing up. We typically visit the library once a week.

We get home, have lunch and it's time for quiet time. Connor wants to play Legos in his room (which is a new big boy activity he has started) so I get him settled in there and sit to read a new book I picked up. I ended up finishing this book in 3 days. So good! And there is a TV show on go90 that you can watch too for free! It's just 7 quick episodes (19-24 minutes each).

We visit Kari, Mark and Macie in later that afternoon. The kids play outside with C's new bubble machine and then we join them for dinner at Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel is surprisingly easy on my WW SmartPoints. This evening I opted for a salad. We let the kids play checkers for a bit before heading our separate ways.

By 8:42 Connor has been bathed, read to and put to bed. This is a bit later than usual but that happens more and more lately because it's still so light outside at his typical bedtime. Bedtime is usually closer to 8 but it's been around 8:30-8:45 since about mid-March.

Once Connor is bed, I sit down to read a bit more and answer some emails. If I don't get to bed before 11, I'll be up late (think 1AM!) so I set a timer for myself and make myself go upstairs and prep for bed and turn in around 10:45.

There you have it. That's a day in the life for Connor and I when James is traveling. It's pretty much the same kind of day with James home. We don't dine out much as a family during the work week so that's the only difference. We usually save eating out for the weekends and special occasions. Overall, it's nothing too exciting but I love photographing and sharing our daily lives. These are the days I'll miss when this time next year we'll have a 5 year old in pre-K so I'll forever cherish our days of being home together!

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