Friday, April 14, 2017

Little Letters | Volume 4

Happy Friday, friends! Today is the day I write letters to my husband, to Connor and friends, to people in places I've visited, to the thoughts in my head and everything in between. I'll be sharing a letter-filled post with you each month on the second Friday. I'd love for you to join me as I join Kristin from Taz and Belly for this fun new Friday link-up. As Kristin said they can be serious or silly, just cozy up with a cup of joe/tea/wine and share your thoughts in short letter form. Let's begin! 

Dear 4:00 Hour,
Why do you last so long? Rumor has it you're just 60 minutes long like every other hour but around these parts it feels much more like 120 minutes. I'm not sure what's up with this everlasting witching hour but Momma needs some help making it through. 

Dear Diet Coke,
I know I gave you up once before. I know you aren't "good" for me but dang it! You taste so good poured over Sonic's crushed ice. I've been limiting myself to one a week because if I didn't restrict myself I would be broke.

Dear ABC's Scandal,
Blow my mind why don't you? I am so in love with you and each week you make me fall deeper and deeper in love. Now... if we could get a little Olivia and Jake action (I don't care that he is married) I would appreciate it. Oh and thank you for making Fitz handsome again. I appreciate that eye candy. 

Dear Bathing Suit Shopping,
I hate you. 

Dear Connor,
I have high hopes for your Easter gift this year. I'm trying my hand at a DIY project instead of a traditional basket and it may completely bomb or it could be the best thing ever. Either way please know that Momma tried her best. If it's too horribly lame I'll take you to Toys R US and buy your Easter/forgiveness. 

Dear Taco Bell,
I miss you. I do. But there is nothing that you have to offer me that is worth half of my daily points. While I know I could dip into my weeklies to enjoy you, I'd rather have a entire pint of Halo Top ice cream. I hope you understand. Till we meet again... thin(ish) Stephanie.

Dear Weekend,
It's looking to be a beautiful weekend! I have hopes of wearing a dress (!!) to church Easter Sunday so I would like the forecasted temp of 74 to stick. It's mid-April and all it's done is rain and hail. Everyone in the state is over it so give us some Spring weather before moving into humid Summer. 

Dear Goodwill,
I've been by to drop off items 6 days in the last 2 weeks and not once as someone offered to remove the things from my trunk. I do all the work, they just roll the drop-off container over to me. What about customer service? Maybe provide me with an actual service next time. 

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Happy Easter weekend, friends!

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