Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Favs: Swim Lessons, Allergies and Snail Mail

What a week it's been! I am dragging today. I've been hit with some allergy/sinus stuff and nothing seems to be helping except sleep. Sleep has been my best friend this week. I don't want to go on and on having a pity party for myself so let's look at the highlights from this week and of course, a few random thoughts.


Swim lessons started this week and once again Connor is beyond eager to get in the water. He is such a water baby, something he gets from me. This will be the only swim session we do this Spring. He has the basic skills needed and we will be in the water so much this Summer that I hope things just click for him. If not, we will pick back up in the Fall.


Last week I started having a sore throat and itchy ears. At first I ignored it but it wasn't getting any better so I started diffusing my oils and taking allergy medicine each night before bed. It's a week later and I am feeling a bit of relief but that's not 100%. Nothing is worse than feeling just bad enough for it to impact your days. All I want to do is nap and well, we all know naps ain't real popular around these parts.


Multiple days this week you could find me on the couch at 7PM with a book and blanket. Feeling bad as zapped all my energy so laying low and relaxing was all I wanted to do. I think the latest I was up this week was 10:30 which is unusual for me. I'm such a night owl but not this week. One night I was in bed and sound asleep but 8:30. I am hoping more sleep comes my way this weekend.


This week I received 3 pieces of snail mail that totally brighten my day. I wanted to return the favor and mailed some out to a few ladies. I think sending snail mail should be a habit I have from now on. I know I loved receiving it so I'm sure there are friends out there that would love to receive a piece or two themselves.


I shared this week's weigh-in on Instagram and was so thankful of everyone's positive comments - THANK YOU! I got back on track this week and made sure to really focus on the meals I'm making and being more aware of what was going in my body. Last week was busy and I was out of my normal routine so I saw the gain coming (even though it was so incredibly small). I'm eager to see what happens this Wednesday. Big loss I am coming your way!

This weekend we have an early Easter dinner with my family and hopefully a date to finally see Beauty and the Beast. I swear I'm the last one to see it. There are few projects I want to tackle around the house this weekend as well so hopefully those can get accomplished. Oh and maybe squeeze in a nap.

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Happy weekend, friends!

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