Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Faves: Organic Clothes, Sugar Highs and Swim Shenanigans

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Happy Friday friends! What a busy week it's been in our home. I've been solo parenting which always makes a busy week a bit more crazy because not only am I on my own this week but I am also the only one around to keep Connor busy which makes for long days. But hey, the Mister comes home this evening so there's an end in sight. Here are some highlights and random thoughts for this week.

ONE | Dressing My Changing Body

The last time I had to dress a changing body, I was pregnant with Connor. Since then I've put comfort over style but thanks to losing a bit of weight, I've been enjoying shopping more and finding new clothing to wear. With Summer fast approaching it's time for me to embrace something other than tees and yoga/workout pants.

When I was given the chance to try prAna clothing*, I was really eager. I love the idea of trying new brands but am often worried that they just won't fit my body. Lucky for me, I scored the cutest top with a pretty color and pants that are both comfortable and fitted. Clothing made from sustainable materials isn't something I normally see in the department stores or online yet both pieces are so comfortable and go with other pieces in my closet. I've been wearing the Midtown Capri in black and the Nelly Top in cargo green both made from recycled materials on a weekly basis.

TWO | Lego Travel Box DIY

Many of you have asked me how I made Connor's Travel Lego Box and I wanted to make sure Lizzie from This Happy Life Blog got the credit. When she shared her boxes, I knew I would want one for Connor. I didn't put as much time in ours as Lizzie did the two she made but Connor doesn't seem to mind. He has played with his box non-stop since Easter morning. Visit Lizzie's blog for all the details on the project.

THREE | Happy Little Camper Wipes

Will there ever be a point when I am not in need of baby wipes? I recently received these Happy Little Camper wipes and I am in love. Not only do they clean up after messy Connor will ease, they are flushable. We have been allowing Connor to handle his own business in the bathroom these days and this have helped keep things tidy if you know what I mean. The best part is they are 100% organic cotton wipes with no harmful chemicals or toxins.

FOUR | Adios Candy

I haven't had sweets once in the last 10 weeks so when this overflowing bucket of candy was just sitting on my kitchen counter, calling my name, I knew it had to go! I kept a few things for James and Connor but for the most part, over half of that basket is in the trash can. I am so proud of myself for surviving Easter without going into a sugar coma. Now if I can just stick with Halo Top ice cream this Summer, I will feel pretty good about the progress I've made in regards to my sweet tooth.

FIVE | Swim Lesson Shenanigans 

I have a love/hate relationship with swim lessons. I love the important skills, the life saving skills, that Connor has gained and continues to learn. However the pre-class antics and time of day just leave me feeling less than excited for class. Connor can't keep his hands to himself while waiting for classes to start and since we have school during the week, our sessions are at 5:05 P.M. which is just horrible timing. #firstworldproblems I know but I just wish Connor would be still and that class was at a more reasonable time of day.

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I hope each of you had a fantastic week. Happy weekend friends!

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