Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April's TKBTB Q&A with Connor

Welcome to April's The Kids Behind The Blog linkup. Thank you to everyone that shared their little ones with us last month. If you are new to the linkup, you can get all the details in THIS POST but the gist of it is for us mom bloggers to give some spotlight to our littlest loves, the ones that made us mothers. Each month you will ask your little one(s) a handful of questions that the TKBTB hosts provide and than share those answers with us in a link-up post the second Wednesday of each month. Simple enough, right? Connor's answers to April's questions are completely full of sass. Much more than normal.

What is your favorite thing about Spring? Going outside to play. And jumping in puddles.
If April showers bring May flowers what do May flowers bring? That's a ship. With pilgrims named Pocahontas. 
What does a flower need to grow? Water, sun and for you to dust it. 
Do you like that it's starting to get warmer or do you like the cold and snow better? I want it to snow on Christmas Day. Can you tell someone that? 
What do you want to do over your Spring Break? I get another one? (I explained no that I just so happened to ask him after his.) I would like to go to Augie's for more than 2 minutes. 
Bonus: What is your favorite thing about Easter? Going to Mammaw and Pappaw's to hunt eggs. 

So much about this month's conversation had me in tears. Let's make sense of it all... Connor heard Mayflower instead of May flowers and we had recently watched Disney's Pocahontas. He then got a bit confused thinking Pocahontas was a Pilgrim. He has been asking for a snowy Christmas since last year's left us with exactly NO snow. He has his heart set on a white Christmas this year. I loved how he thought Spring Break was scheduled again. And he wants to play with Augie again because the last time we were over I only allowed him 2 minutes of play. He is a bit needy when it comes to the amount of play time he gets with friends. 

Here are May's questions. Be sure to interview your little ones and meet us back here on May 10th.

If you had a magic tree-house that could take you anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Finish this sentence ... "Red Rover, Red Rover..."
What is your best childhood memory?
What is your favorite part about nature and being outside?
What do you think Mommy would like for Mother's Day?

Grab our button and join us this month and next (May 10th) with the cute, sassiness that is life with a child. You never know what will come out of a little person's mouth. We would love it if you shared such gems with us.

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