Monday, April 17, 2017

$10 at Target - The Fashion Edition

If you've read my other $10 at Target posts you know that I am usually the gal that blows her entire budget in the Dollar Spot. While I love that area of the store and often spend my fair share of money there, this month I wanted to focus on something different.

I see so many people sharing great pieces of clothing they find on clearance or sale and I am often curious if the quality is there or if I would feel comfortable in Target clothing. I say comfortable because I have yet to find a Target clothing item that I really love. I don't know if it's my body or if their clothing is just made differently but nothing is ever a great fit. Till now. 

I went into Target with one goal: find something to wear that I felt comfortable in and that made me feel good, not self conscious. As you know, I am working on my health and wellness and losing weight has been my main focus. I wanted to treat myself for my 15 pound weight loss and I found something that will get plenty of wear - a basic tee and a pretty scarf, both in colors perfect for Spring and Summer. 

I love this scarf. It's lightweight with just enough color that I feel Spring-ish without being washed out. And for just $3 its budget friendly. The week I went shopping all basic tees where $5 so I grabbed one that paired well with the scarf. If you know me in real life you know I am not a fan of a ton of color so this is a huge improvement from my gray and black. Additionally, I don't know if it's the weight loss or the cut of this particular shirt but it fit me well (well enough for me to keep it!). I usually have issues with things being too loose across my shoulders and tight though my stomach. I like this fit and feel of this shirt so much I plan to grab a few more the next time they go on sale. 

I had a couple bucks left over so I picked up two new ELF brushes. These are my favorite makeup brushes. For the price and quality you can't beat them. I like using the blending eye brush for when I wear my ShadowSense and the lash & brow wand helps keep my mascara from clumping on my lashes.

I loved shopping for this post this month. I do ever month but I liked stepping out of my comfort zone a bit. It's not often that I put together something and label is fashion so this kind of post is a rarity. And for those of you who are stickler about the budget, I spent $10.22 with tax and my 5% Red Card discount. 

Now it's your turn!
Share with us the goodies you found this month with your $10 Target budget. 

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